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As the policeman pulled back the sheet, she knew immediately that she was under arrest. The policeman pointed a gun at her, and when she refused her order to pull the sheet over, he started to throw her on the ground.

"The policeman stopped me and we said it's not OK. We saw blood, and he said, 'You're going to have to stop your pants. You're going to have to start the fire, because you don't know when or whether or not you will be under arrest,'" the girl said. "He grabbed my ankle and pulled me off the floor, and he grabbed the top of my pants, and started kicking me. Then he began running around the house, and then when I picked him up at the scene he told me that I was the target, and that he had to go."

The suspect's mother, who did not want to be named, said the only police officers she knew who recognized this kind of behavior were the first on-call detectives and the police sergeant who came through the scene. It is difficult to know how many people could have been affected by the officers involved if only one officer had been involved.

"No one who gets killed over something like this knows the extent of the damage," the mother said.

The officer of record was still on the scene, according to an affidavit the girl filed with KSDK. The suspect's mother, who also did not want to be named.

She also did not want the teen on her hands to receive a treatment plan because she knew he was likely to make the same mistake. He was arrested and taken to King County prison with bail set at $50,000.

His parents' attorney, Jeff DeLuca, did not return messages seeking comment. The U.S. Attorney's Office's Office for the Northern District of Ohio declined to comment.

When he was arrested Monday, he admitted he had taken the teen to a bar that night but that he didn't know his son was drinking or had asked for one of his alcohol-fueled social media posts that promoted an event with a female student. The girl was in a group called "Girls with Love" and had called him home after learning his car was totaled, according to the affidavit.

The teen told investigators that when he was asked for a drink, he was drinking and had had alcohol-fueled social media posts online.

Sebastian's sister filed a motion for preliminary injunction against the officer and that order was set for hearing Tuesday.

In his complaint a district attorney said officers were negligent in not holding Hester accountable for his actions, a state statute that has limited police accountability to "reasonable officer action."

In his complaint a district attorney said officers were negligent in not holding Hester accountable for his actions, a state statute that has limited police accountability to "reasonable officer action."

The lawsuit contends those officers failed to investigate her claims of being a prostitute without knowing her name, citing her name by accident and other details about the case. Also listed are false statements from the police, including the name of Hester.

Hester said in a statement that she will sue the city and county over defamation.

"I understand that their actions over and over should not be viewed as vindictive or unjustified due to the personal nature and the personal nature of the lawsuit. In fact, and I take full responsibility for the fact, my actions are not of any legal nature and I am disappointed that none of you have taken your personal interests above your moral concerns," he said.

In a motion to dismiss, Hester contends that in his case, he wasn't able to learn of the sex trafficking allegations as part of a warrant request at the time, but that he's not being called out for it because of the lawsuit. He contends he was called for a false charge of assault, but was not told of the charges when they were filed. The lawsuit also says that he was called for false reports of police shootings.

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