Xiaz Finance Airdrop

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Xiaz is a Private Digital Asset on Binance Smart Contract.
Offers a chance of holding $XIAZ free as you join Airdrop

Join our Social Media

(1)Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceXiaz
Follow, Retweet and comment BSC Address (2 XIAZ)

(2)Facebook: https://facebook.com/xiazfinance/
Like, and share comment your BSC Address (2 XIAZ)

(3)Telegram: https://t.me/xiazfinance
Comment your BSC Address on TG

(4)Send 0.02 BNB to 0x06c14b118d8ad0792064bfff4035309777654426 (10 XIAZ)

Complete 4 Task Get 100 XIAZ
Refer get 1 Xiaz each

1 Xiaz is $1.00

Distribution March 30, 2021
Visit XiazFinance


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