$5 XIAZ Profit already?

in xiaz •  11 months ago 

Buy 10 BUSD for 15 $XIAZ?

This is Forsale at Pancakeswap!!!

Just paste contract: 0x5b48ee4d84c530d19527dd733ceda740fdc61a68
trade to BUSD/BNB

$5 profit already!
#BSC #xiaz #asset #token #BNB

Note: 1 $XIAZ is 1usd
But we are not started on trading yet
Still we put some there for initial value!

Lucky those who believe and HODL
coz XIAZ will start at $1 soon!!

Airdrop runs for 30days
Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejIOy9zcmXQ8S4hkvfIQTS616_n0kvFUy_Qb1cH_7EV28gjQ/viewform
Site: https://xiaz.tech/


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