Haven't posted anything in a long time

in writing •  last year  (edited)

I want to start writing again. It's been awhile since my last post here. I'm not sure what I want to write. I'm writing just to write, for now. I'll call it my journal because it's open-ended. I don't want to write news articles. That's a little too close to the instructional and technical writing I used to do. I really just want to write fiction. I could start with short stories based on what I am experiencing. I'd like to add some kind of fantasy to that. Something like magical realism. I tried that once with the short format series I did on Steemit previously. Perhaps I could do something like that again. At least I can earn money that way, however little the amount.

Please be patient with me as I experiment. I need something to pass the time as work has still not returned for me. So I may just write what is literally happening to me. I may venture off into fiction. Hell, let's just call it fiction. I'll tag it as such when appropriate.

I like to write with brevity. This is already maybe a little drawn out. I know people love to look at word count, but I'd rather get to the point of what I'm trying to say.

Hopefully I can produce some writing soon. I'm bored.

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Wow, it's been so long that I don't even know how to post correctly. This suddenly posted before I was done entering the tags for it.