B&W Photography

in writing •  5 months ago  (edited)


The earth seems to have just fallen asleep under the caresses cold at night. The clock hand has stopped, and you drink a glass of solitude. The dream has not loved you at all for a long time and passes your door ... And tonight looks like the others, as soon as you take a sip of loneliness again. And it could have been different, in a step of reason we stopped the madness. I always run to you in your thoughts - you dream of me, but you drink ... loneliness. Unexpected dawn every morning, after a night in which the sunset bleeds. The clock wakes up again, again we measure our way by ourselves. And we get more and more sad with our dreams, waiting for the evening to come. And we are looking for a memory that shone with our eyes, and in the next cup of solitude.

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