A Girl- WEAK??

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A girl is weak. She is not masculine. In many rural parts of the world a girl is not allowed to go out of the village or town because she is not strong enough to protect herself. She has to go with some male member of the family. Whom am I kidding?? These scenarios are still common in cities- well established families in metropolitan cities sometimes do the same. She cannot go out after 8.30pm. She cannot hang out with boys even after they are her classmates. She cannot enter puja room when she is menstruating. Why?? She is impure.


Is really a girl, a woman, a wife so weak ??

An infant :

लड़की पैदा हुई। A girl is born- this is the first sentence come out of people's mouth when a girl is born. And मुबारक हो! लड़का पैदा हुआ। Congratulations! A boy is born. She is not so special. The doctor cannot congratulate on her birth. She was just born, nothing to congratulate! The mother and father are not so happy as they could have been if it was a boy.

A kid- Childhood:

She cannot play with her brother's because they will not take her in their games- she was a girl she cannot play with them!! She just has to play with other girls.
She is going to school and she is really good in her studies. She loves to read stories , text books and does her homework herself. But her education was stopped. Why?? Because her brother's education was much more important than hers. लड़की है, पढ़ाई करके क्या करेगी। She is a girl, no need of education. आखिर है तो पराया धन। After all she has to go to some other house after marriage.


She does all the household chores with her mother from filling water, cutting vegetables, cooking to mopping the house. She doesn't complain because she thinks these are her sole works in this age. She is 14 yes old. Today is her marriage. Why so early?? अच्छा रिशता आ गया। A good marriage proposal arrived.

Daughter in law- Bahu-बहू

She cannot take proper care of herself, but now she has to take care of a whole family. Till now she was just a helping hand of her mother. But now she has to start and complete all the household chores herself sole handedly. Then when she is all set to take some rest. बहू जरा हाथ पैर दबा दे। Come and press my hands and feet.


After doing all the chores all day long she really wants, rather she needs to take some rest. But will she be able to take some rest?? NO!! Her husband wants here in bed right now. And you know what foreplay, pleasure, satisfaction- these are just some fancy words to them.
Sometimes she is also beaten by her husband. What is her fault?? Her husband is an alcoholic, so he is not in sense. She goes to sleep everyday hearing her own crying as lullabies.

Who is weak??

Thanks for reading🙏

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Sad to hear these things....



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so sad to hear what our world is going thru when it comes to women rights
i am from pakistan currently living in USA but i know how some places in pakistan restrain women from doing alot i respect women alot and promote the behavior where they should be equal to us they should work and allowed to do what ever they want to my wife is a doctor and i am so proud of her.

@raka you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

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