The STEEM-Finance service has Started!

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This is STEEM Blockchain witness @roadofrich.
Our team has been developing DeFi service for STEEM for a long time and has just started the service.

STEEM-Finance is a DeFi service for the STEEM blockchain ecosystem, designed with a lightweight and stable token economy.

STEEM-Finance is designed so that everyone can start fairly without a separate token sale, and STEEM blockchain users can use the service more easily.

The farm and pool list of STEEM-Finance is as follows


Auto SFI (automatic compound interest contract application) multiplier 4


SFI-BNB (APESWAP LP) Multiplier 16

SP Delegate Farm Multiplier 80

SFI Contract: 0xa72629a698b99d4cde5d6a2ea4326afcd67db1bf

SFI Chart:

Features of STEEM Finance

  1. STEEM-Finance We have built a stable token economy system that protects the SFI price by mining STEEM, TRX, and SBD using the SP delegated by the user.
  2. SFI’s token Sell fee is set at 10%.
  3. The Tx Fee of SFI is set at 0.1%.
  4. Token Per Block is 0.03, and 864 SFI tokens are issued per day.
  5. STEEM-Finance is a service for the STEEM ecosystem, and the token economy can be flexibly changed according to the opinions of STEEM blockchain users.
  6. For the development of the STEEM-Finance ecosystem, Blokfield.INC is supporting with 1M (1 million) SP.

Official site:

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شكرا لك على عملك

بارك الله فيك

Thank you for doing this, I look forward to using this!

Thank you to the team for getting this set up, nice work