Steemit suffers from spam messages

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Hello steemian! I'm @zzan.witnesses
We are running a witness node using @rnt1, If you are supporting our witnessing activities, please vote on @rnt1.

I want to talk about spam posting today.
If you look at "" now, you can see that spam posting keep popping up.
I checked for a while to write this article. Even at that moment, there are endless spam posts like @teciw7, @sellhobe, @robofan5y, and @amandagol.



I would like to define this behavior as abusing. These accounts create accounts through the foundation and are delegated 15sp to continue spam posting. This behavior can strain the chain by adding trash to the Steem chain. And it can be uncomfortable for users visiting steemit.

So, as one of Steem's Witnesses (@rnt1), I'm very opposed to this practice. And I would like to talk to other witnesses about how to prevent it.

(Call the active witnesses. Please tell us your opinion)

The countermeasure I think is this.
It is a method of adding a cost to postings the same as Blurt.


It's a burden for me to add money to postings. Because I currently have a community called, adding cost to postings has a big impact on me as well. Therefore I know this is by no means a good way, but I think it's better than keeping a spam posting.

I would be willing to vote for their rewards if they write posts for my supporters. I am constantly voting for supporters who already set up a proxy for me.

And I hope that the posting fee can be burned or distributed for backup witnesses. I've checked currently active witnesses to write this post, but I've noticed that the active witnesses number is not as high as I thought. This will affect the Steem chain. If you don't have a lot of backup witnesses, it can be difficult to keep the chain going. We should invest in backup witnesses for this reason. If you think it's unfair, I'd recommend that you immediately become a backup witness too.

As for how to add the cost, the risk is very low because there is already code written in blurt.

If there is a good way, please let me know. We will discuss it and try to make a healthy Steemit.


Thank You,
Yours sincerely,

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Hi, @zzan.witnesses,

It is not a new thing. People have already abused the faucet in the past by creating hundreds of accounts and using them to their voting rings or flag wars. So Steemit had to occasionally remove its delegation to thousands of them.

The 0.01 fee is too big of a change, especially for onboarding and games that rely on repeatedly broadcasting data to the chain. Without mentioning that 0.01 is too small to stop people who have serious malign intentions toward Steem.

As we have already suggested before, we should first start by removing the delegation to these accounts. Anything else that can be done on the UI level to filter spammer is really easy since no change will be needed on the Steem code.

All in all, we should always be careful when dealing with these things since the intention of people who are doing this is unknown, trying to push the Steem community to react in a specific way is one possible reason.

Regarding the backup witnesses, I am in support of any change that will give us a curve that will give more rewards to sub 20 witnesses.

Thank you,

I agree with you, @symbionts. Imposing posting fees may limit spam, but it may also limit the use of new dapps on steem. Removing delegations to fraudulent accounts or reducing delegation time can be a step.

Thank you for your opinion.

@symbionts Thank you for your opinion.

I also basically agree with your opinion. We're not the first to go through this, but as the overall number of posts declines, it's becoming more visible. We may have to fight the downvoting war once again. (Thank you for providing the downboating train.)

Also if the 0.01 fee is cheap, we can set the rule. For example, one post a day is free as it is now, but two and three times are paid by square.
Or we can increase the fee. The this value cannot be fixed at this time.

But I know it's not fundamental. I want to fundamentally solve this problem.
I would like to share this topic with many people. Maybe somebody has a better way.

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항상 애써주셔 고맙습니다 ^^ 💙

항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

We believe that removing delegation and/or downvoting would be a solution. Witnesses may update the list of accounts that should be subject to no delegation and/or downvoting.

@protoss20Thank you for your opinion.

Hi! Nice to meet you. Sorry to write you directly, but I'm writing to several users for an idea that I have.

I'm part of the Spanish-speaking community, and I create this user to grow and stimulate our community. But we need the support of users with more steem power. I wanted to ask you, if you somehow agree to support a voting trail or delegation. It doesn't have to be me. You can choose some other user of the Spanish speaking community. The idea is to support my community and the post with quality content to prevent users from leaving the platform.

There are curation projects in my community that work very well but they are not enough and I don't think that concentrating power is good either.

I understand if you don't agree and sorry for writing directly. But I didn't find another way. I hope you have a good day.