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After tron acquired steem blockchain, there has been uncertainity everywhere and steem is in chaos. Nothing has changed fundamentally, steem is as great as it was 2 months ago but we saw the fork on the chain to create hive , we saw a lot of users migrating to hive , we saw a lot of propoganda against steem, we also saw a lot of debates, we also witnessed the takeover attempt from the steemit inc.

In all these incidents what progress we made? To be honest – nothing.

Group 9.png

Steem and steemit has a brand, it has a name, we can't and we won't let it die and give that name to something else just created for cartelers from here to continue their cartel. Together we can bring people who went to hive due to influence back to their home platform, which is far more superior, decentalized and has far more odds to succeed.

In this time of uncertainity, steem needs support, steem needs support to be fighting and improving. We are here to provide that support. We are number of community members who have gathered together to run a witness and always fight for the interest of the community.

We are working on the steemconnect because the official steemconnect is being migrated to hivesigner as far as we believe. We will not rename it and the original creator will always get the credit.

Our witness is live!

To vote for our witness click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. As we have just made witness and we are not in top 100 yet, you need to type @steem-supporter and click vote. (If you are reading this post after some time, you might be able to vote directly from top 100 witness list)


What is witness and why you need to vote wisely?

Witnesses are those who take decision on the blockchain. Witness must vote to either accept or reject any changes made to the blockchain. Your and all of our future depend upon choosing the right witness. We could have stopped steem forking into hive and all this dramas if we had witnesses who believed in long term values of the platform and voted not to do so. We could have stopped soft Fork 0.22.8888 which we will talk more about in the same post.

Who should you vote?

If you like the ideology of the witness and if you think they can protect the blockchain and take right decision, you should vote them. A witness should always protect the chain and develop for the long term, not abandon it to meet their personal needs and propoganda.

The previous witnesses threatened the Steem Blockchain while running a hardfork on Steem, still being top witness. This happened but should not happened again!

Remove your vote from disabled witnesses!
If you had previously voted on witnesses which are currently disabled and stale, please remove your vote. You can vote maximum of 30 witness only and voting disabled witness is just a waste of your power.

Disabled witness List:


And many more find the list here https://steempeak.com/me/witnesses .. click on the disabled filter and you may remove votes to any disable or slate witness that you have previously approved

The Soft Fork 0.22.8888

We are against the softfork 0.22.8888 and we will not support it. No exchanges trust steem at the moment, Privex.io also does not takes steem but accepts hive. If users who are willing to cash out their hard worked steem rewards and are not able to do that ...will they still stick to steem?

Our Favourite witness Wishlist is as follows (Either running chain version 0.22.1 or version 0.22.5)


Group 11.png

Vote for our Witness via SteemConnect

Vote for Our Porposal

Set Us your Voting Proxy


Shout out to: (We seek your help)


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I support you, make this bloggreat again



That's great

You have our support! We are also running 22.5, as @canna-witness. Check out announcement here.

We are also going to host a witness forum starting Monday, 7pm PST in our Discord. Hope to see you there!

Please think of joining us on our Witness Forum on Green House Radio Online. We look to meet and work together with any and all to make steem all it can be once again. Follow the links in the above comment.

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Voted. So glad to see more people step it up. I do hope they realize we won’t win the heart and minds of the people who blindly followed the old guard to Hive with the 22.888. But I am ready to start building a brand new community! Thank you

Glad to see you around on steem

Hashkings Founder

We would love to earn you witness vote!


View Witness Thread


Can I vote

I will pledge my vote for you. Steem needs real people. No idea so many witnesses! Sold out. Sm(f)h! Thank you posting, will resteem! :)

You've got my Vote!