Has anyone realized that STEEM network is stable after HF23?

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Source: Stability Networks

There were some debates and complaints regarding network instability after the softfork 22.8888. Some (mostly people who support hive) actively blamed new steem witnesses for it.

Now it is crystal clear that what (or who) was the problem.

  • It was some malicious users, including previous steem witnesses who are now hive witnesses, who continuously sent garbage transactions to the steem network and caused problems.

  • After the hardfork 23, which disabled the effects of such attacks, we have not suffered any lag or network instability and also have not heard any complaints regarding network safety.

We thank the new steem witnesses ('new' means 'after the hive chain split') who worked hard to maintain the integrity of the steem blockchain, and we are proud to be a part of steem witnesses.

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Hello, thank you for the invitation. It seems like a great initiative, and I would love to participate. Will leave a reply tomorrow.

thank you @protoss20

Indeed. My experience got much better too.