The Diary Game: Diary of Mr. Hainanese 26062020 UW College Dover Campus

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The Diary Game: Diary of Mr. Hainanese 26062020 UW College Dover Campus

Today I came to United World College Dover Campus for work.

When I first step in I already had the familiar feeling about this place, indeed we used to had our company team building here about 4 years ago.

We were amazed of the facilities of this International school, not only academic the campus equipped with swimming pools, gymnasium, even big sport field, and also playground for kids, so the mission of the school is to shape holistic characteristics of the future generation here.

After work, I walked out for dinner, first I saw a big crowd at this shop at Hdb Blk 5 Dover Crescent, so I bet this restaurant should have something which can attract the crowd here.

But normally when I saw many foreigners here drinking I thought the price must be special as well, but I was wrong, the food sold here was quite affordable and even locals visited here too.

I ordered their signature dish Fish Head Rice Noodle, it was nice and I will bring my friends here next time.


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hi bro, didn't comment your post for a while, how are you? do you mean your company build that building 4 years ago?

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