The Diary Game: Diary of Mr. Hainanese 04062020 NUS Dormitory 大学城

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The Diary Game: Diary of Mr. Hainanese 04062020 NUS Dormitory 大学城墙边

Today I went to National University of Singapore, NUS U TOWN for work, this area mainly is student dormitory, like University City大学城.

The dormitory is quite nice (but definitely not cheap) and amenities around is very complete, not like those years back during my uni time. The students dormitory looks like a 5 stars service condominium!

After I done my work, I went to their food court to get my dinner.

There are plenty of choices for foods and beverages and even pub! Wow! Magnificent!

As usual, Most of the stalls will give student 10% discount for total bills.

Voila! That’s perfecto environment here for students to study and have a balance life which provides variety of foods and entertainments.

Moreover, the transportation here are well connected. I find no problem to get in and out here.

Well, back to my dinner story, I join the students queue and ordered an economic rice again!

It costs $ 4.6, but the taste is still cannot beat my favourite place in Jem shopping mall, the nyonya flavour economic rice stall!!

By looking around this nice campus, I started thinking further about my kids future. Not sure whether one day will my kid stay and study here, just a thought 💭

Haha... am I thinking too much... or I am being too sentimental? Or this is just normal as a father of two little chipmunks....


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nice environment 😍😍

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yes.. how I wish I'm still a student now

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thank you。 thank you

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thank you! you are great!