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Helllooooooooooooooo friends!

This is hands down one of my favorite shows. The guest judge was so much fun, the posts shared were one of a kind, and this team really rocked the show.

During this week’s Whaleshare curation show, we had our lovely curators present the following posts, plus we had another special guest, and another episode of the chatterbox.

@djlethalskillz is our special guest!

Introduced to Steemit by a rapping friend. His friend rapped about Steemit, one of the first Steemit raps. Anyways, when he first joined he wasn’t impressed with the interface and really got involved when he joined the music competition and won! He came for the music battle and the communities hooked him in.

He answers all sorts of interesting questions. For example, did you know there was a difference between MC and DJ? Listen to the recording for the answers, trust me you will have a blast learning about this programer-gone-DJ.

Below are the curators and their selection for the show. The first post selected by our guest curator was called, Scuzzy Presents "STEEMIT MUSIC REVIEW" | Curate Steemit Music Reviews & Win Weekly Rewards! He said this post is an awesome contest to engage with music creators!

He second post is called Old STONE Village 📸 & 🎨 BODY PAINTING. This post showcases the artist beautiful skills so well and I highly encourage you to check it out.


Her first post is called, Children playground. This post reminded her of her childhood playground and we all agreed it brought up a lovely childhood memory.

Her second post is called, Rewarding Excellence Phase 2: Funding education using SBD to provide educational materials to assist poor students/Meet-ups UBE School, Mararaba, Nasarawa State.. She selected this post because it is a fundraiser post with a plan. A plan, it has goals, and a heart for education. Fundraiser post like these are worth so much more! Please check it out, support it, and tell your friends.


His first post is called, Stunning visit to the Messner Mountain Museum - Atemberaubender Besuch im Messner Mountain Museum.This post has BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! This post is breathtaking and so long. Its one of those long post that you wish it was longer. Each picture tells a story, but keeps you wanting more.

Second post selected is called, It does not just burn... It kills, but then, it also heals! I actually saw this post and wanted to pick it as well, but he got to it first. Go check out why we both love this post!

My selection

Check out this post called, Barcelona!. I selected this post because it was well formatted, beautiful pictures, and he only spent $50 for the trip!

Next Up is Lessons Learned in My First Month on Steemit | Steemit Beginner's Series Case Study.. There is little that I don’t love about this post. The information about communities I haven’t heard about, the formatting is flawless, the journey she takes us on, and the fact that it's only the first month on Steemit made me select her post.


She shares a little more about her selection in her post called, Whaleshares Curation Show Recap.

Just to give you a heads up her first post is called, An artifact (own render-artwork.). Her second selection is pretty cool and unique. It is called, Original art 🎨 📸 Separation & Engagement RITUAL 💛 (body painting + making of video)
An amazing artist that everyone should follow. We all agree her work is breathtaking!

Check out the full show below!

Chatter Box

Topic was my hangover story. Scores were as follows: @lindahas the highest score plus 1, @nikflossus 9.37,@djlethalskillz 10, @kotturinn 10, DJ played some music and I gotta say this one flowed a little smoother and the judges agreed. Except Nik, apparently he wanted to hear some Portuguese. So much is wanted!

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I love whaleshares and what a fantastic mug!! :)

@bitdollar, I selected both your post for the curation, but decided against them because I thought some other people with less than $1.00 should be mentioned. Know that I love you!

I got happy then sad then happy again with this comment, lol! That is great you considered me and glad you are helping out others. You rock @kubbyelizabeth! Thanks for your kind words! Love you too! :)

Unfortunately I missed the show but thank you for this recap! So many great articles to explore!

Thank you, don't forget to post your links in whaleshares so we can stalk your page :)

Amazing recap sounded like you guys and gals had an amazing time!

I really love the cover image. The whale looks a bit bored as he has seen it all by now. Meanwhile, minnows are screaming with joy eyeing him lol. It's cute in a way almost like they want sing the whale a sonnet.

You get it! :) Feel free to post some of your own post in the whaleshare discord. :) Maybe one of these minnow whale like curators will select your post!

While I have been in their discord before I don’t put enough effort or energy into their group. I would feel like I was just taking advantage of their kindness. I also gave up on using wallet that is used to store their coins. Endless account pw issues to the point I just gave up what little I had and toss the wallet out. Whaleshares has always been very kind to me in the past and I have great respect for them.

These days I put what efforts I can into steemusa and the people I follow. I do prefer smaller places where it’s easier to know a larger amount of the people. Things tend to be a little more 1 on 1 and I really enjoy that.

What an amazing show it was! Always enjoy rockin it with u all, much luv kubbz!

Its awesome to have you, you have such an awesome life and I love hearing it!

Who the fuck is Charles Swindell??

I don't know, never met the guy. google him and let me know if you learn anything.

Interesting posts and strong character mister I like with your post

Nice article! Check out please my article about VLAD the Impaler fortified church. Thank YOU for supporting my work! 🙂

this pic looks funny awesome. i like the hello guy looks just like me lol

Awesome! There's so much more here on Steemit I'm unaware of. Oh and thanks @kubbyelizabeth for joining Hip Hop The Blockchain! We're still growing so every bit counts!