I scored my first ten during the chatterbox session!

in whaleshares •  5 years ago 

Last week I wrote a post.

Click the link to read the post. -->I made another mistake, are we learning?

This week during the chatterbox session, I over chatted and scored my first perfect score! In case you are lost, every week I am challenged with a random topic.

I am given sixity seconds, no breaks, no pauses, no breathing.

Those are the rules.

Last week, I miss calculated my time and stop speaking too early. This week I over did it. I gave a long intro and spoke over my given time. :facepalm: Anyways, at the end of the minute challenge each curator scores my performance. Thank you to the judges curators. Our panel of curators: @freedomexists @kotturinn @nikflossus & @lindahas.

If you want to learn more about the show click the link below or read HERE.
Anyways, several amazing post were shared during today's show! If you missed the show click the link below.

Next week is Christmas, so there will be no show.

The following week is New Year's day and there might be some schedule change. The show will go on. If I don't see you, happy New Year!

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I had no idea what chatterbox was until your post. Thank you for teaching me something @kubbyelizabeth. :)


Yes. I'm painfully uninformed about some things!


chit chatter chat!

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