In War a Person Must Pick Their Side

in war •  2 years ago 

What we are now witnessing is a war as never before experienced.

It is a non politically affiliated, global attack on common man by those that rule behind a veil. Using proven psychological tactics they have snake charmed the masses to believe their false narrative and astounded at the ease of garnering compliance 'they' are now keen to push through their less than Great Reset where we, the useless feeder plebs, will own nothing and be happy!

This war is actually a battle to diminish spirit and steal souls as the dark move to destroy family and hearth and create a hybrid slave race fused with artificial intelligence. This is evil personified and requires global genocide which starts with dirty, #NWOBioDose, vaccines which are designed to kill and control.

What we are witnessing is The End Days.

It is worse than any B movie science fiction flick and does not end well collectively.

Fools enablers collaborators.jpg

To side with evil is stupid, weak-assed apathetic or downright evil and will see a person's soul compromised for eternity - which is a bloody long time!

Be warned.

Be mindful of the choice you make.

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