Blog #8: Are we forgetting the meaning of Tet?

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Are we forgetting the meaning of Tet?

There is a long and interesting story for us to discover if we get to know more about traditional Tet. In general, the main reason for all the traditional Tet rules is family reunification. Everyone would know about the meaning of bánh chưng (Chưng cake) and bánh giầy (Dày cake) which is the symbols of the earth and the sky. The earth is square like bánh chưng and the sky is round just like bánh giầy. However, going further, we would know that bánh chưng started from a long cylinder form (bánh tét) which represented the man, the father and bánh giầy was the representation of the woman, the mother.

Before Christ, our ancesters had to struggle to survive with many natural disasters. Therefore, the story of having many descendants and that all the great family stood together was a vital implication. Bánh chưng, bánh giầy and the root of Vietnamese people indeed are the symbol of Breeding Fertility (tín ngưỡng phồn thực) to ask for the fertility of the family.

People believe that 3 first days of Tet holiday are the time when the gods and ancestors com back to celebrate with their descendants in the present and watch their children having great time together.

Any old people always wish to enjoy the reunification time with their children in Tet holiday.

Young people now consider Tet as the time to rest and play. Many people like travelling and enjoy their time with themselves. The value of the family nowadays is often forgotten because the children rarely spend time with their parents. Obviously, after a year working hard, Tet is the time to play. However, I still have my concern:

How can we conserve the meaning of Tet: reunification?

How can we, young people understand that Tet is the time to return?

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