Engrish in Vietnam

in vietnam •  6 months ago 

I will say that the English in Vietnam tends to be a bit better than other nearby countries like Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand but every now and then we see signs where they were really close to getting it right but there are small, but meaningful mistakes.

I find this sort of thing endearing and I am not making fun of who made this. It is just part of the charm of the area and to be honest with you, I find signs with small mistakes to be a lot more memorable than ones that are done perfectly.


I probably wouldn't have paid this place any mind if they had done the sign perfectly but because they almost had it right, I actually dropped some laundry off there a day ago. Let's see if their laundry quality is done well or not. They will almost certainly do it better than I do it myself seeing as how I just chuck everything into a cold water cycle and throw probably too much detergent in there.

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I've never seen this sign in China but I saw this in the internet and never forgets this one.

Source: http://chinalert.com/2010/09/24/chinglish-fuck-vegetables/

oh that's fantastic. haha