Vegan fish and chicken dinner is a winner after braving the North Sea

in vegan •  3 years ago 


Wazzup steemit fam, I had the most awesome day, an awesome surf at lossiemouth and I tried out some new vegan products. This is what I bought.


And for dessert.


I made some mushrooms and pasta for the side with a white sauce.





All I had to do was grill the food.


And heat up the sticky toffee pudding and add ice-cream.


Oh and I was freekin awesome. And if you want you can check out some bodyboarding videos from me surfing lossiemouth.

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I approve of this plant-based posts.

Looks tasty indeed yumyumyum

Oooh I've not tried tesco's Plant Chef range - they look tasty :-)

They are really good, our tesco has a dedicated plant based meat alternative fridge, I have a been over doing it lol 😂, I bought more stuff today, I need to calm down, it is expensive.

It really can be! I try to stick to stuff I can create dishes with, rather than ready made burgers and the like, for cost and health - but it's always handy to keep some burgers or ready made dishes in the fridge for when you might not have time to make something from scratch :-)

Me too, but I have been on holiday and discovered new treats. You should check out fruitsandveggiesmonday tag and post one of your creations, it is a bit of fun, great community

Thanks - I'll check it out :-) Brand new to this, so great to have some tips :-)

No probs, if you check fruitsandveggiesmonday tag, there will be an entry post, just give it a read and follow the instructions and you could earn some steem, it is also a good tag to use because it pays out quite well, have a look at some of the posts from other people to get an idea. Hope to see you there.