Sharing my first open-source bid based upvote bot in Python!

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Hi friends,

First of all, I want to thank @yabapmatt & @drotto for creating bid based voting bots in Javascript & Ruby. I want to give special appreciation to @yabapmatt because his work on the javascript upvote bot is truly amazing, user-friendly & feature-full. As I am not too well-versed in javascript or ruby, I decided to create my own upvote bot in Python. I thought maybe my work can be of some help to the Steemit community as many Steemians who prefer python can start their upvote bots and further help transform the minnows out there to big blue whales.

Here's the link of my first open-source project: Bid Based Upvote Bot (First Beta Version) in Python.

Existing Features:

  • Automatically refund invalid bids for:
    • Max Post Age Exceeded
    • Invalid URL
    • Post already upvoted
    • Min Bid amount not received.
  • Accepts Steem
  • API Enabled
  • Bids placed during voting will not be missed & will be carry-forward to the next round.

Currently, the features are quite less as compared to the current voting bots but I will be updating them as and when I get time. Meanwhile, feel free to fork it on github & contact me on discord in case of any issues.

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Thanks for sharing! the code looks nice.

I send you 0.5 sbd around 2 hours ago and still waiting for your upvote.

The bot had already upvoted your post when you had placed your 0.5 sbd bid. Please check your post. This bot doesn't comment on your post. So please check your voter's list.

10 hours ago i send 0.05sbd to @therising with memo but i didn't received vote yet. My memo is

The bot has refunded you 0.05 SBD. Kindly check it in the memo.

Maybe you could add a feature where it explains why it refunded the funds.

Why is there a difference between figures?

Difference between which figures? Can you please elaborate?

41,68% and 21%

You got 41.68% upvote of the 50% vote value which is the same as 21% of the 100% vote value...It's the same...just the base is different in different websites (50% or 100%)

only got it is clear that It's not a bug.
from all other % coincided:)

Please check
i sand 1 sbd...

You give comment in my post but not vot... Please refand.😭 replay please

hola @therising hoy he enviado 5 sbd con fecha de hoy, hace ya mas de 4 horas al bot, y aun no he recibo el voto hoy, ¿ podria saber por que ? te dejo imagen1.png

Hi @nick2018....I have refunded your 5 SBD...Actually since you entered the same upvoted URL twice with different amounts, the bot only refunded the latest transaction...I have also modified the bot's now nobody else will face this problem...Thanks for intimating me. Have a great day

mi intencion no era intimidarte amigo, solo comentar el prblema que habia tenido, una propuesta, seria increible poder enviar un sms directo al bot si alguien tubiera el mismo problema, no se algo mas directo, me alegro lo de modificar el codigo para futuros problemas, de todas maneras gracias

hello bot missed my bid

Please check
i sand 1 sbd

You give comment in my post but not vot... Please refand

Please check
i sand 1 sbd...

You give comment in my post but not vot... Please refand.😭

@therising, Approve is not my ability, but I can upvote you.

Thank you @steemitstats


Please check
i sand 1 sbd...

You give comment in my post but not vot... Please refand.😭 replay please

I have refunded your 1 SBD. I just saw your comment. Apologies for inconvenience caused.

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Hi the rising, i sent 121 SBD last night can you refund the rest or reapply for new post

I have refunded you 100 SBD. Please transfer amounts cautiously.

hi @therising , i sent a 0.50 bid awhile ago but didn't receive the vote, please help check it out ?

I have refunded your 0.5 SBD...It's due to RPC error of the node of Steemit.

@therising thank you so much for the speedy response ! got the refunded

Thanks for kindly notice for me about the password of my memo. I upvoted and followed you.

Thanks for your upvote. If, by any chance, you want to support our open source community and also earn daily steem payout (43.8% APR) through your Steem Power, please visit:

Hi pls check its been 2 hours i sent 0.5 SBD and still did not get an upvote.

I have refunded your 0.5 SBD. Its due to the RPC error of the Steemit node.

Received. Thanks

Hi. How did you get your bot listed on SteembotTracker? I also have a bot @greengrowth, but cannot work out how to get it on the tracker website.

Contact @yabapmatt, owner of Only he can list your bot on the tracker website.

@therising Will you explain the python bot script please following terms

1)how to set values?

2)what is trxlist mean in that script ?
also from where we will get that transaction id of last vote ?
if i am starting from now what to put in the field of trxlist as i dont have transaction in the begging.

3)how to run that script?

4)where can i see my bot statistics ?

I know so many questions but help me out
thank you in advance

Contact me on discord and I will clear your doubts.

i got python but i don't know how to put in code can you help me

I got python but
I don't know how to put in
Code can you help me

                 - teenagecrypto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

How do I install it