Anti-Abuse Initiative Weekly Update [Jan25-31]

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This overview summarizes

  • the week of Jan 25 to 31, including previous weeks from Jan 11 - 24
  • contribution statistics
  • moderator statistics
  • challenges


By anthonyadavisii: SFR Project Update [Week Jan25-31]

Long overdue updates for the anti-abuse community at SteemFlagRewards.

Anthony completed the functions for

  • rewarding the moderators reviewing and approving flags from abuse fighters
  • SFR abuse reports linking to NSFW content
  • extra incentive for abuse fighters with flagging below dust threshold
  • mentions approval queue enhancements

Progress is progress. SFR is still moving forward.

By steemcleaners: Understanding Flagging/Downvoting [Week Jan18-24]

This is a very good read for those who are not familiar with negative curation. Flagging or downvoting is in place to balance the upvoting mechanism.

You can use it appropriately. But if you choose to use in inappropriately, then read this post and check out what can happen.

To quote from the post:


By anthonyadavisii: Flag Rewards and More [Week Jan11-17]

CoinMarketCap's free API ended in 2018. SFR's resident bot needed an update and is now using CoinGecko's API. The abuse fighters can now check STEEM's price in USD or BTC.

Day-to-day operations at SteemFlag Rewards are made possible by moderators, abuse fighters, volunteers, supporters and friends.

Anthony also migrated some of the bots to a reliable server which were previously hosted on my laptop.

Anti-Abuse Statistics


Total Contributions
The team reviewed and scored 3 contributions from January 11.

This month has been slow for the anti-abuse category. We have active abuse fighters running after abusers. We hope they can get active enough to write a post.

Average Score
The three-week average score is around 90%. Each week's contribution scored at or above 88%.

Average Contribution
For each week on the graph, we received and scored one contribution.



He's an active moderator and reviewed one contribution for this 3-week review period.

She's also an active moderator and reviewed one contribution.

He's an active moderator and reviewed one contribution. He's also active in submitting contributions for this category.

We're short on contributions so he wasn't able to moderate any during this 3-week review period.

There was not a need for me to review a contribution during this period. I have read every scored contribution and their respective written reviews.

The moderators did a great job, as always. They are a team of professionals, in life and on the blockchain.

Utopian's Announcement
Here is Utopian's latest announcement for the anti-abuse category.

This post discussed dropping the whitelist requirement. It also mentioned expanding the anti-abuse category in the matters of cybersecurity.

Steem Alliance?

I don't know what's going to happen with STEEM. Do you know about @steemalliance?

It's a group working with @ned establishing a working group (done). To establish an election (coming soon) to produce a foundation to support STEEM and STEEM's long term viability.

This group is here to do a organizational job and its only goal is to ensure the community is heard through collecting proposals on the structure of the foundation (from the community) and present those to the public in the form of a fair election.

If you want to read about it, follow above link. They have their Discord there too. Get involved, this may be our only hope and last chance to save Steem.


New Year, new plans, new Steemit?

With the new year 2019, we have made some big changes in our daily lifestyle. We're focusing on our health and family first then web-related activities and projects second.

Work schedules have changed, sleeping schedules have not recovered. Still trying to find a way to get more done in the same amount of time (can you?).

Maybe in February, things will return to somewhat normal for the homestead.

Hope the new year has you reaching your new goals, dreaming big and accomplishing much. Let me know how the new year is going for you in the comments.

If you have a suggestion, come by the Utopian Discord.

We still hope to incorporate security in this anti-abuse initiative. Any internet security, cybersecurity or data security specialists, please contact us.

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  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hi, @iamstan!

Thank you for providing this update about the Anti-abuse category. The category hasn't picked up well in 2019, there were few contributions, but it's great that they are good quality. I believe it is not about the start but the improvement as the year advances.
My one question is: as the CM of the category, what are the thing you believe we can do to improve the category?

It's great that all mods are active in the category and I appreciate that. I hope the category get the appropriate visibility it needs to function as planned.

About your question, the new year has been great. According to the popular saying ''new year, new resolution''. The year is still new, and everyone seems to be planning one thing and another. I have seen some great initiative coming up to make Steem more habitable. @rosatravels came up with the ''Be a mentor'' initiative to help newbies on Steem, and I appreciate her for that. Personally, the year has been good, and I want to make 2019 a remarkable year for myself and people I can reach.

Thank you!

Please note that while the CM hasn't changed the footer, I am not scoring #iamutopian posts based on the questionnaire. They have their own metric, and that will be the case until we go live with the new guidelines and new questionnaire, which will be comprehensive enough to reflect these types of posts.

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  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Thanks for a great review. I appreciate your great comment as well @tykee.

That is a wonderful Idea that @rosatravels has! Congrats to her.

I think the low price, with the bad news about steem, steemit inc powerdowns and transfers, combined with the uncertainty of SMTs caused the entire platform to slow. I m hopeful for a better future for the entire community. We have some very wonderful great minds joined up here I would hate to loose this place.

For the future of the antiabuse project were hoping to expand beyond steem. Security is one area.
We have many security guys fighting abuse. They are just not recognized for that currently. Were just not on a time line yet.

We need to come up with some project ideas and roadmaps to start moving in wider scope of platforms we can be involved in. Once some things are settled we can make some new inroads and cover new ground. The Steem Foundation would be a big step in the right direction. Then the implementation of some ad sourced funding( will be a total winner for us all.

We will continue to press on and work with everyone to make our part of the world the best!
Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Thanks for the detailed reply @iamstan. I agree with your point. The current Steem value is affecting activities on the blockchain, with the uncertainty of SMT. A road map is of course important,and I just hope those active abuse fight take the time to document their activities.


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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

I get the health and family part. I definitely have new goals for this year and most of them do not involve Steem, so I will be phasing in and out.

I normally dont change anything when the new year starts. This year we have so much to accomplish things needed to be different.
I am hoping steem recovers but I don't ever intend to spend as much time as I did before.

I hope to be more productive and spend less time but accomplish more

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