Child receives shaming award, parent angry at the school

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Oh how things have changed in the world since I was a kid. When I was in school we were expected to behave ourselves and I would be terrified if I was to come home with a bad report card. My parents were actively involved in my education and if I didn't perform well at school, a lot of freedoms would get taken away from me in my home life such as being grounded and not getting to play any video games.

These days it seems that whenever a student doesn't perform well the parents seem to almost always want to blame the teachers. This is exactly what is happening in what I consider to be the craziest state in the Union, California.


At first glance it kind of isn't clear if this is even a negative award but from what I can tell from the reaction from the student's mother, it was an award like a Razzie that you do not want to receive. Apparently it is given to a student who puts forth zero effort in class and could be an attempt at shaming them into doing better.

I have not been in school for quite some time but I do recall that when I went to public school later in life there appeared to be more than a handful of students who really didn't give a damn about school at all. They only attended because the police will actually come and find your ass if you don't attend up to a certain age that I think was 16 at the time. These same students tended to not have much of a home life and more often than not they were from single-parent families. I don't want to rush to judgement about Bradley Holloway, but based on the story that I read about this there is no mention of a father.


The mother says she is "outraged" that the school would do this to her son but at the same time she doesn't take any responsibility for what lead to the award in the first place. If her son is not attempting to do schoolwork I believe that a lot of this blame should actually lie on the parent or parents. Teachers these days aren't allowed to use really any sort of punishment or reward schemes because we have such a strange social justice system now.

It will be interesting to see Patricia Buckley (the mother) tries to get some money out of this and since all roads kind of lead to that it wouldn't surprise me if the lawyers are already lining up to do exactly that. I presume there will be disciplinary action against the teacher when in my mind, it should be the other way around. She stated that her son was "ashamed" when she picked him up from school and well, I think that was kind of the point, wasn't it?

While I don't think it is a good idea for schools to single out students or bully them, I also think that the education system is already really bad in the United States and by further taking away the tools necessary for teachers to do their jobs, we are simply going to end up with fewer and fewer qualified teachers. When I was a kid I thought that it might be a profession that I would like to take on but as I became an adult I can't think of very many things I would rather not do.

This will end up being very upsetting to me if the school throws the teacher under the bus and if monetary compensation is given out as "sorry" money. If they do that, it will only encourage more behavior exactly like this.

Here's an idea: How about being involved in your kid's education and not letting it get to the point where an "award" like this gets given out. If the child was a pain the classroom and truly was a "zero" then I think that this is about the most pleasant way that this point can be made.

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I talked to some teacher friends this weekend…they said shaming was a “regular part of their curriculum” with students that just don’t give a crap...and where nothing else works (including positive reinforcement, group participation, etc…). Not only that, the students themselves shame if that student is too disruptive.

And the thing is, in the corporate adult world, there is rarely any shaming, rarely any warning, rarely any hint someone is extremely displeased with you. You just all of a sudden find yourself without a job when the company decides to do cuts.

At least in school, you get a warning, you get several chances, because people do care. In the adult world, you will be eaten alive, with little-to-no warning.

Really good point. By completely shielding kids from criticism we are not preparing them for real life at all. I suppose the objective of a lot of people would be that we eliminate the criticism in the workplace as well. Good luck with that.

Maybe not the right technique to show lack of effort, but yes parents need to kick their asses. Or else their children will blame their skin color for everything...

I wonder if traditional methods of showing lack of effort such as progress reports, report cards, alerting the mother etc, had already been tried and failed. Just raw speculation on my part but it could be the case.