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2022-07-05 미보팅 건 관련 공지 (Notice of Temporary Service Disability)

in upvu •  3 months ago 

Thank you for what you do with UPVU, do you also have any idea what is going on with TRX rewards? They are not showing up in the wallet on steam

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Hi @silvertop,

TRX rewards are managed Steemit(Tron) foundation. So we don't know why they often don't have any TRX balance in their Tron address(TPQHp6nEWFChrWY1dVTn5zZyp6anHj4Z65).

You can check the TRX balance here(


Thanks for the information @happyberrysboy , I just noticed they showed up in my wallet tonight. This has happened several times before, and sooner or later they show up🤗
Have a wonderful week !

Thanks for your cheer.
Have a good one..!!

You as well!🤗

Hyy ,,
Can you gide me about how i get support from you?
And how many Delegation required for good Votes?

hello - I have made 23k delegations with the account svm038, but the vote has not come yet. excuse me