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I’m waiting for two separate votes on my posts, 10 SBD each; can you let me know what’s happening please.

Thank you

Blacklisted as explained earlier.

So that’s another of your “bots”? Can you please advise me of the “bots” I am blacklisted from, so I don’t waste anymore SBD? I guess the same discretionary refund BS still applies?

hi @themarkymark ... why my offer is invalid, why your bot @upmyvote says that my post is in blacklist. please explain my post is in the black list of who. so I no longer wasted my sbd. please restore my sbd. if your bot can not vote on my post. thanks.

  ·  4 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

good yesterday I transferred them 0.001 and did not receive any response

hi @themarkymar, I am waiting for your explanation why my post is in the black list, and please explain who blacklist?

@themarkymark hey buddy.. not blacklisted.. jsut sent 3.5 upmyvote.. no vote unfortunately. Didn't refund or register. Help?

Transfer 3.500 SBD from bearbear613

I would let him vote for me!

Pretty legit!


Hi, is the bot down? My vote did not come through.

I really like how you made the STEEM logo into the bots hair. Super creative.

Agree me with your very creative comments @austinhopper

Do you vote for comment?

sir 14 minit ago i am 2 sbd sent you but you miss upvote please check your memo please refund me

YOU SCAMMERS< refund my balance you did not voted me since 2 days hours. and you are adding me to black list now. f*k scamer. dont use his service ,he is b **ch. you have to refund .i will never use your servie!

hello @upmyvote
I had send you,6H ago...
1.11 SBD

1.11 SBD

but didn't get any upvote yet.
kindly upvote-thank's!

waaah sweet, I love it

I like it...

I have sent you 1 SBD. But its not showing in the boot. Can you please check ? @upmyvote and please upvote on my post.

Can I get an upvote too please? ;)

hey, I send you a sbd and I do not see my vote.


  ·  4 years ago Reveal Comment

This is great...

How much do we have to wait for vote aprox? I paid you 1.000 SBD, didn't get vote yet.

Will I get upvote or refund for my 1 SBD? Transaction proof: and picture pic3.jpg

I want answers.

I really like it. Some constructive criticism; the depth could be more contrasting to the foreground. Perhaps a slight Gaussian blur behind the figure.

I like for you, nice post

I purchased 3 sbd upvote 2 minutes before the last upvote round ended and never received an upvote.

For the below topic ..

I am a graphic designer. I think this logo is really very good. I like the hairstyle

Hello @upmyvote, i send you 1SBD. Why you not vote my post?

it is super cute

I bid 1 SBD but I don't get upvote. please look at this Post

nice post @upmyvote please follow me @hermawan30 and upvote thank you

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Postingan yang amat singkat namun sangat menarik terutama logo itu. Sangat bagus dan kreatif.. Anda berbakat

nice! :)

Post saya kenapa tidak anda vote padahal sudah saya kirim 3.000sbd


💓💔💕💖💗💘💙💚💛💜💝💞💟 I AM IN LOVE!!! 💓💔💕💖💗💘💙💚💛💜💝💞💟

Hello nice to meet you! I wanted to ask for your support to donate: Diapers, MILK, medicines to families, especially newborn children, who do not have the money to buy your contribution, just vote or with a retest, it's enough thanks.
here the link more plicado

Very nice logo. Can we still bid for the services of the bot??

i bid 5sbd and you upvote me $12.124 . x 0.375 of that amount, meaning by return sbd is 4.54 .. dammn i lose 0.46 . is this right way it is calculate? if it is,... damnn.. this is not worth it.

here is the link.

So so cool!! I love the Blue color..Great!

great hairstyle!

wonderful logo

Sweet.. Very nice.. I like it @atjehsteemit

Please follow and vote me.. Thanks @upmyvote

It's a huggable bot

  ·  4 years ago Reveal Comment

Look like blue Doremon. 😉

Hello @upmyvote, i send you 1SBD in the morning for:
and didn't get upvote. What's the problem?
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 14.51.20.png

i quite like it. very catchy

@upmyvote, I will.

Kindly follow me back, repost my posts and also upvote me

Hi can you please check, I sent 1sbd, my post says its 3 days but maybe the bot thinks its older as it didnt add my to the list. Can I get a refund. thank you

Thanks very much

Yes it is

This steemit robot will work to keep an eye on its users

what can i do let you vote me

With your posting, I am more comfortable in the steemit


Please check below transaction. 6 hours ago has been passed and didn't get a vote from you. I can't participate in the bid again because of this. Please review.

haha, he's cute! :D

Pretty logo, i like it! On the other hand, i've sent you 1-1 SBD bid for voting, bud haven't got upvotes yet. I emphasize that all of my posts are original and quality posts, and i help many people to grow. Unfortunately i was blacklisted by two bots, i don't know why. I feel it unfair, because i haven't got back my bids yet from these bots. If i'm blacklisted by you, send me at least a message, and reject my bids. Thank you!

very good @upmyvote
don't forget follow me @erjaoktafian
^_^ ( I sent 2 sbd to upgrade me. you did not do it. please check your wallet ) I posted 20 hours ago

20 hours ago I sent you 2 sbd .. please pay back 2 sbd if you are not upgrading

what can i do to reach you . either pay me back 2 sbd , or upgrade to 2 sbd

Great logo tnx for sharing steemit all the way check out my new posts.

It's quite creative , but a little addition to it figure, as it appears rather more childish more like a childish blog

have a good day

3 hours before send 1 sbd for post. still did not receive any upvote or refund @upmyvote

Hi. I bid 2SBD 3 hours ago but did not get an upvote.


  ·  4 years ago (edited)

I send you 1sbd two hours ago and didn't get my upvotes or the refund, my account name also not listed on the
Here is my post link :


Or send me the refund, thanks for your time

I send you 1sbd two hours ago and didn't get my upvotes or the refund, my account name also not listed on the
Here is my post link :

Cutieeee!!! Nice logooo sir 😊

I have sent 1.1$ but not received any upvote around 11 hours ago !!! 🤔

I would definitely let him upvote for me...and awesome logo dude...cute hairstyle as a hairstylist I love it!!!

I have sent 1$ but not received any upvote around 9 hours ago !upmyvote2.PNG

a very good logo

Still no response. I have sent 1$ but not received any upvote around 24 hours ago ! Kindly refund back my 1 sbd.

my opinion, this logo is very suitable to use

This is little but almighty booster, looking like a super man, it look pretty fine.


Seriously, nobody said anything? Smh. I do logos and I approve!

hola upmyvote cuanto es el minimo de inversion para recibir votos

Pretty awesome .. i love it.


Watching basketball
Thank you

Hello, i send you a sbd, but why you not vote my vote ?

Your logo is superb
Text, font & typographic logos. Using just words in a design can help you build brand recognition but it isn't easy to be unique.

Hello i send You 1 sbd but i not get upvote here is my link

bayangan yang bagus tahnk u

This logo cute. The impression is sweet and not scary. I agree with this logo

I sent you 1 sbd why you upvote me 0,82%?

One word for this logo is Spectacular

Hello, I bidding 2times (first $10 SBD, second $5 SBD) at same posting


but You did just one time voting (8%) to my post . and, first voting canceled.

can you check it ? Refund $10 if you can. please. Thanks

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!


Great job on upvoting copyright abuse and helping it to get to the no. 1 position on the trending page! Thanks to services like yours that upvote content without having a look inside, is full of overvalued trash.

I tried to grab your attention in an inappropriate way and am sorry for that!
As a content creator by myself who invests hours daily to create outstanding original content, these issues make me quite upset. But still (see my comment above) you acted in the best way possible and I appreciate that a lot!

good luck my friend

Hello i send You 1 sbd but i not get upvote here is my link : please refunded it.

Hey @upmyvote! I love your service but something strange happened. My bid of about half an hour ago didn't get included in the previous voting round and is also not included in the current one. I think there was some kind of glitch. Could you take a look on how to solve this?


lol such a cool little bot logo

I sent you 1.00 SBD

IT came right back ?


this logo looks really cool, a blend of colors and very interesting images, plus a head-shaped steemit logo that looks like a hair, making this logo look very attractive,,😊😊😊