Haven't lost sight on Upland, still pushing hard!

in upland •  2 months ago 


I have three games in total that I play now but Upland has actually become my primary game even over Splinterlands which is crazy, although I think in terms of capital gains and asset growth, that Splinterlands is still going to have Upland beat by a mile. Nonetheless, I'm still pushing hard on my account and I'm up into the Executive level now which it in excess of 10 million UPX worth of properties or ($10,000 USD equivalent) in properties.

My properties are earning me roughly 186,000 UPX per month or about $186 without consideration of visitor fee income which is extra.

All things considered Upland actually does have better daily and monthly earnings that Splinterlands but Splinterlands has the better growth potential for it's assets post set sell outs.

It's pretty nice having both games though.

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