ADDAX Game Round 3 Update - Day 29 of 28 - Closing Price

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Final closing price for Day 29.

Here are the basic figures:

Capital Fund: 449 STEEM
Current Fund: 667 STEEM
Profit: +218 STEEM
Profit %: 48.6%
TULIP Tokens: 7,020
Current ABV: 9.62 STEEM cents

Buybacks: 164.32 STEEM
Buyback %: 25.00 %
Tokens Bought: 2000

Today is the proper end of this ADDAX Round 3 Game, with our final closing price.

A whisker away from a 50% ROI! Our final price is 9.62 STEEM cents (0.0962 STEEM), so anybody who bought in at around the 2 or 3 cent mark has done phenomenally well.

All players should now sell their tokens on the market at the closing price. Remember that there are already some tokens on the market and I will not produce more than those in the game. Latecomers will have to sell at whatever price is still available. That's just part of the paying attention game.

If you wish to hold on to tokens for the next game, there is no guarantee there will be a next game.

Any deep problems, please come and join our long-standing Discord channel.

Thanks for playing the ADDAX Game!

Disclaimer. We are not responsible for your actions. We are not responsible for the functioning of third party software. If the game needs to terminate early for any technical reason (HF21 springs to mind) then liquid funds will be distributed at the earliest possible opportunity on a pro rata basis or the game paused and restarted. Do not play with funds you cannot afford to lose.

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Hi @addax, a small upvote and a tip from the ADDAX trading game!
ROUND 3 STARTS Tue 17 March - please read details on this post. Ends 14 April.
Thanks for playing!

Hi @addax, a modest tip of appreciation:
Also, please check out my Fourth Nonsense Writing Contest.

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Great news, all the large accounts have cashed out already!
Some of them have done so off-market to save on conversion fees, so you won't see the tx on the dex.
Only 110 ADDAX tokens left to cashout, so have left just enough for the remaining players.

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