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For those who are following along, you may recall me talking about some friends of mine in Windsor Ontario who are confronting violence within the city.  Their most recent issue was in regards to the water utility making threats to disconnect their water if they did not permit access to their home so that the utility could install a smart meter.  

The company absolutely refused to acknowledge any of their letters and continued to harp on the idea that they have not booked the appointment.  If they don't book the appointment then the water would be shut off.  They even sent police officers to escort an employee to tape a notice on their front door.  It is appalling the level of intimidation and violence these corporate thugs are willing to use in order to get their agendas pushed out.

I am happy to report that it has been several weeks since the deadline and the utility company has yet to turn off the water.  We took a similar approach as we did with CPS and other agencies that depend on violence and coercion.  We took the path of peace and it is working brilliantly.  It requires a leap of faith and a LOT of courage, but it does work!

I'm going to have some discussions with key individuals in my life regarding the idea of holding a workshop in the Edmonton area to teach others how they can stand up peacefully to the violence of the state.  I've done this for over a decade and I have more and more people reaching out to me for help.  I cannot help everyone individually, but I can share the info so that people can help themselves.  

As such, I will ensure the event is recorded and I will upload the video to the blockchain so that others can learn from our experiences.  I'm looking for early to mid November as a possible date.  Keep your calendars open!

To my dear friends in Windsor, I am so very proud of the courage you showed when confronting violence and evil.  You are stronger as a result and I am honoured to call you my dear friends and spiritual brother and sister!  I love you both very much.  Well done!

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I loved reading this and I love how this path of peace works wonderfully in a dark working world.
I look forward to the videos as I would love to learn from you. Take care and thank you for everything that you do and have done.

This is great news that they are winning! I wish I could attend the workshop in person. It would be an honour to meet you in person and learn directly from you. I will, however, be looking forward to seeing the video of the event.

I will be there if I can! I am watching for the confirmation of the date.

I think the thing is they can’t do things without consent. They huff and blister to scare people into consenting. They’re stuck when you down fold and give consent.

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The issues are more complicated than that, but consent is a part of it.

I would be interested in attending a workshop like that.

I'll let you know when I have more details. Thanks for your interest.

Information you might only need to use once in your life. But knowing it might save your life.
Thank you for sharing!

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This is all good news. I look forward to your continued knowledge sharing.

Let me know the date.

You bet! Thank you!!!

Hope you can get the event done and recorded for all :)