A Lonely Day (Ulog day #11)

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Hello everyone,

This is a late Ulog on yesterday. Please take my sorries.

Yesterday, I woke up at about 7.30 AM and I was feeling a bit loneliness or something like that and then I remembered that sis wasn't at home. She had left to Kandy for her tournaments. But I thought that mom or someone would wake me up to say goodbye to sis cuz I'm not gonna see her for some days but no one did.

Then we got a call from her and I was the first one who answered her. I some kinda blamed her for not waking me up then she told me that I was asleep and she didn't want to bother my sleep. Then she told me that they were in Kandy and were at the gym.

After the call, I went to take a wash and then someone was taping our front door. When mom went to see who it was, it was one of my sis's students. Then I had to do that Math class. It was some kinda trouble for me to teach Math in Sinhala cuz I'm studying in English medium at school.

The lesson was Sets and there are a lot of words so I told him that sis would teach him that lesson one day and I skipped to Equations. It was also some kinda hard till mom came to help me. Mom wanted to teach him all the principals of the Equations so he had to stay at our home for 30 extra minutes.

Then I took a look at my Timetable and it was time for studies. I wasn't feeling up to studies maybe because I was feeling lonely without sis or maybe cuz I was bored. Then I jumped to the bed and tried to take a video call to sis but she had turned off the data connections.

Then we took a normal voice call and it lasted for about 10 minutes. Then after spending some time on Steemit stuff, I was forced to get off the bed and do some studies by my bro.

Then I took the Math books and did some activities on Graphs. Graphs were one of the most unlike Math lessons until I watched that Math pack that I've told you before. That teacher in it is a great teacher. I should send him a thousand thanks.

Then I took the laptop and did a Spanish lesson on Memrise. Then I had to do another class of my sis, mom's Zumba class. I didn't remember the steps correctly but I was able to make her sweat. So I think that I did that job right 😁

I'm a bit tough when it comes to mom's exercises. I forced mom to do the abs exercises right and I added 10 more times to every exercise.

Then I did my Yoga class for her. To tell you the truth, mom's favorite pose is the Shavasana. After I cooled down her body, I did some stretching exercises. I want to do a middle split in the near future. So I have to practice and do some stretching exercises daily.

During the Zumba class, we got a voice call from sis and we asked her to answer our video call. We took a video call from Whatsapp and it was more than 15 minutes of blabbering and stuff. She showed us the room they are in and her friends and etc...

After the exercises, I sat on my study table and took my I.C.T. book to study. Actually, I spent more than half of that time chatting with sis. After about a half an hour, she called us and said that they were gonna sleep. We wished her good night and after some time my eyes were feeling sleepy and then I jumped to the bed.

Though I felt some kinda loneliness, I had a great sleep.

Today, I've got to go to the karate class without sis. I'd be feeling lone and can't guess what kinda fun sis is gonna miss.

I didn't know that I love sis this much till now. She's my bestie. Luv ya sis <3

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Thanks a bunch for stopping by

Have a good day or night!

Gotta go now

Until we meet again ❤

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It was nice to hear about your busy day! Things are different than usual because you don't have your sis by your side. But its good you got to voice and video chat! Be strong and you will find that she is back with you very soon, with more cool stories to tell you!

Yep, my whole daily routine changed. everything's thanks to technology. We all are looking forward to seeing her soon.

Such a sweet girl... I know you both love each other... :) And of course, I love both of you, too... <3 I hope you won't be feeling that lonely today. Take care. hugs

Aww... thanks nee-chan. We love you too <3 I hope so too. I've got loads of work to do today so they're with me to cure my loneliness. hugs