Japanese Cultural Exhibition (Ulog day #14)

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Hello everyone, yesterday was an awesome day!

I was waiting impatiently to attend the Japanese exhibition for days. It's maybe that I hadn't attended any Japanese exhibitions or anything before. so let's get going.

We left home at about 11.30 AM and after an hour, we arrived at our destination. We didn't know the exact place or the time it will be holding but sis had noted that the place is next to the Galle face. Then finally, we were at the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management.

There we saw this.


We had a whole hour to start it. We spent some time looking around the place and then we saw that the exhibits were already displayed. At the entrance door, everyone got this.

Let's take a view at the inside.

At the front, a figure of Gogatsu Ningyo was displayed.

Here's a closer view of its description.

Let's go further.

The next exhibits were 生け花 (Ikebana - arranging flowers) They were very eye-catching and beautifully arranged.


I had to toil to capture this because there was another stool of Ikebana facing that.


Then we moved to 服 (fuku - clothing)


We had the chance to fit into a Kimona but everytime I and sis go there, there was a lot of girls on the queue. So sadly, we had to keep that desire away.

Then we moved to 折り紙 (Origami). I think that you all know what it is.

There were a lot of awesome creations and fortunately, I didn't forget to take some pics of them.



Among all, this one looks really cute and adorable.

Then we moved to 盆栽 (Bonsai)



Then the ceremony began. I will tell you about that part later cuz I don't wanna make you get bored reading the things and watching the pics.
(I hope that I left something for my sis to post :P)

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Thanks a bunch for stopping by

Have a good day or night!

Until we meet again ❤

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Hi nanga, are you 14 years of age. you have a nice blog for your age. you write well , keep it up.

Hi akki, thanks a lot ^^

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God bless from us @Shareables!

Thank you^^

You're welcome @chamudiliyanage!

I was surprised that such an event was held in Sri Lanka.

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Hehe, Japanese people also engaged in it and also for the tea ceremony, a sensei who is an expert in that kind of tea ceremony came to do the tea ceremony. I will share some videos soon.

@dliveが使えなくなるみたいだから、 @dtubeでビデオを作るのがよさそうだね。

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はい。 私に教えてくれてありがとう。