Happy Birthday Mom! (Ulog day #16)

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Hello everyone, This one is gonna be a late late ulog. I've been so busy these days and still I am. Exam starts on 5th November and I've got lots of studying revisions.

These days, our house is being tiled. So I can't sit on my chair and study in my study table because of dust, noise and so many other stuff. So I have to spend the whole daytime inside my room. I've planned to take some study leaves because I don't wanna waste my time talking nonsense with my friends.

So what I do these days is waking up at about 7.30 am and do some stuff on Steemit and when the workers come, go to the room with some books and do some studying. Then after I take lunch, I take a long nap and then when the workers leave, I start to study in my study table and I stay awake in the midnight and go back to bed when I finish studying.

I think studying in the night is way more productive than studying in the daytime.

When we go back to the main Ulog, it's about Friday. Well, our mom's Birthday was o 24th October which was a Wednesday and also a Poya day. Since we are Buddhists, we normally are vegetarians on Poya days. So we couldn't arrange a party that day. So we skipped her birthday to Friday.

We prepared almost all the food items at home. So we started preparing them in the evening. The list of food was;


I, sis and our bro started to make the pizza and bro was in charge of baking. You know what, he overbaked it! It was roasted and had become so hard.

While I and mum were making the other things, sis went to the Zumba class and bro went to the gym. While they were gone, we prepared, sandwiches, cutlets and mum simmered the vegetables for couscous.

After they came back, we started the party. ( just our five family members were there).

While the others were singing the happy birthday song, I played it on the guitar. Yeah, I practiced the happy birthday song on the guitar. Then mom cut the cake and the party went on.

Then the gift-giving time came.
I made an exploding box birthday card and added wishes from everyone in it. I think that the result was better than I thought.


As for the gift, we gave money to mom to buy a ring for her choice.

I also ordered a charm from Mene and it arrived in Sri Lanka about a month ago but here in Sri Lanka, the taxes are too high and we have to pay almost the whole money that cost for the charm. So we didn't get it. (I bought the charm just from Mene credit)

Then we talked for a while and the party ended.

That's it about that day.

Did you play Steemmonsters? I played my first battle day before yesterday and it was a good start for me. I won the battle and also in the 2nd battle, I won. But then unfortunately, I lost some matches and yesterday also I won and lost. But do you know what? I finished the quest of winning 10 ranked battles with the life splinter.

It's so easy to battle and if you still haven't battled, just go on and battle!

Did you hear that my sis, @mashiliyanage got a chance to visit Thailand and get an aerobics training? If you still haven't you can read her post here and my post here. So if you can, please give us a hand to make her dream come true.

Our Teens On Steem community is in a little break these days and we'll soon bring the tos community back to life. Until then, any suggestions, ideas or help is appreciated.

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Many Happy returns of the day to your mom.
Very Delicious foods made already. And Nice b'day card received.
Cheerful moment.

I'll send your regards to her.
Hehe, Yeah, just looking at them makes my mouth water.
Good Luck!

Happy birthday to your mom! It sounds like you had a fun party. 😃

It was fun seeing you in Steem monsters! 🎃😎

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I'll send your regards to her.

I enjoyed battling with you dear frenemy :D

Hi, @chamudiliyanage!

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Thank you

Happy birthday! Your moter.

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Thank you! I will send your regards to her.