Another Day of Karate (Ulog day #12)

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Hello everyone,

It's not a late ulog this time, it's just about today. So let's have a peek.

I went to the laptop just when I woke up and checked whether I got any comments from sis. Then I wrote an Ulog about yesterday and posted it. Then the time was already 10.30 AM and when I looked at my timetable, I should've had breakfast and other stuff and also should've studied for 45 minutes.

Then in order to complete those study time, I had to forget about free time and fun time and to sit on the chair and study. I studied a science lesson. While I was studying, we had some visitors. I normally run to the room when someone comes to see us. I'm too shy and the same goes with sis. That's another main thing which mom blames us.😔 She tells us that they aren't gonna eat us lol 😂

Sometimes, I also get to think 'why are we hiding? This is our house and what we do is just give our house to others and we hide' but I've never been able to manage it. 😁

Then dad went to talk to them and I had a great time with the laptop. You know we should take the highest advantage of time so I did a Spanish lesson on Memrise. When they left, I went back to study. After I studied that Science lesson, I moved to Graphs in Math.

Then after some time, I called sis for the first time today. She begged me to take a video at the Karate class. I'll tell you about the video later 😊She told me that she won't come online cuz the data card of 350MB was over. She had finished the whole data card in just a day. Maybe she'll buy one.

I wasn't feeling good and I didn't have the appetite to eat. I was feeling hungry but I was feeling like I don't wanna even think about food. Maybe it's because she's not at home. She might be eating different kinds of foods with her friends now but I still have no appetite 😟

Then it was time for Karate. I was feeling a bit lazy but I encouraged myself and got dressed up. Then I went to the class. Our sensei, his wife and Ynw asked when sis comes back. Actually, I don't even know when she comes. Maybe tomorrow.

Then the class started and we were asked to have partners and my partner was Ynw. First we practiced Mae-geri skin touches. But there were times which I hit Ynw hard and she also had that kinda instances. Then our sensei told us to switch partners and to practice self-defense.

That time, my partner was Brown-belt. First we practiced to defense ourselves if someone grabs your wrist. Something like this.


We have practiced this before. In the first round, I had to grab his wrist and it was like a piece of cake for him. Well, that's fair cuz I'm a girl and he's a boy. And also, my palm was a lake of sweat so it slipped easily. And then it was time for me to defend myself when he grabs my wrist. Tbh, I had to struggle to free my hand. He was holding my hand very tightly and he was powerful than me. I even got pains and patches on my wrist.

Then we had to switch partners again. This time I was again partnered with Ynw. Then we were told to hold the neck like this.

It was my chance in the first time. Ynw was holding lightly and our sensei taught us many different ways to defend ourselves from it.

Then without switching partners, we were asked to hold like this.


In the first round, I had to hold Ynw's neck and though she's younger than me, she's taller than me. So I had to stand on my toes to hold her neck. 😅 In each other's rounds, we both had to struggle a little to get rid of it.

Then we switched partners and my partner was that fat boy who fought with me last week. This time, we had to do this

It was so hard for me to take him down. I strugged, struggled, struggled and struggled but wasn't ablie to take him down and he didn't even have any idea to fall. He had his feet glued to the floor so how could I take him down. But in the third time, I succeeded. He flew and landed like hell and I was suddenly afraid that he'd hit his head on the floor so I catched his head and it made no harm to him nor to me.

Then we practiced Mae-geri with partners and this time also, Ynw was my partner. After that, we practiced oi zuki with partners. And then we practiced yoko-geri.

Then it was time for fighting. This time, I had to fight with an elder sis. Our sensei told us that we should do only oi-zuki. And guess what, I scored all the marks.

After my fight there were two more fight and just after my fight ended, my parents came. Oh, how unfortunate. If they came just 5 minutes earlier, they would've watched my fight. Btw, I was lucky that they were late cuz if mom was there to watch my fight, she'd scream when I get hit and I may feel embarrassed. So I think that it happened for good.

Then the class ended and mom invited our sensei and his family for a religious function. After that, they tlked for sometime and our sensei's wife said, "the little rabbits are becoming lions". Well, I too agree to that in their view but I already was a lion. But now I'm becoming more of a lion 🦁😁

When we were back at home, mom asked me to do a Zumba class. So even without taking a wash, I was ready to do it but mom got an urgent business call and she had to go there for a while. That's when I started typing this Ulog. Just a few minutes ago, I did that class and after the wash, I had dinner.

Wish that my sis and her group wins the 1st place. Best of luck to you sis <3

And one more thing;
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Thanks a bunch for stopping by

Have a good day or night!

It's already 11.00PM here.

Gotta go now

Until we meet again ❤

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It was nice to read about your day! Also to see pics of the karate moves you are learning. Have a great day! 👍

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Have a great day! :D