putting a hold on posts for indefinite

in tyrnannoght •  2 years ago 

mainly :

(the cron stuff and whatnot works, if you had an account you can technically just load it to play, and afaik 'crack-the-vault' is functional too but due to the downvotes its impossible to charge playcoin for the future game , the only thing that works at zero payout is account creation by voting )

...?mh m yea

so ...

this is not a stop and tyrnannoght is definitely still building but using steemwallets-by-voting wont work as long as the downvoting continues and at the moment having an account is pointless without at least one finished zone (unless you just want the crack-the-vault gamble ..)

Someone told me blurt will have no downvotes ? which would make it ideal and i havent put it on hive yet for all the same reasons

thats not to say i wont continue it here all the code works, but its separate from the game itself ... the main now lies to just play (without a crypto wallet and steem-derivative for playcoin) but its all still possible and it would be by simple charging or sending some steem its all in the program (for over a year now, a lot of work to zero but thats not the worst that happened in the last decades lol)

just saying, i'll start up again so accounts can open when theres an active zone but how to the rest, ill see that when its there

the people who had "special" shares will get their share back (like i did on hive) and im thinking maybe any account thats abover treshold and can get at least 0.001 steem maybe too, but i'll see

this is just fyi

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