Bum, But and Bad Behaviours

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A very brief look into the study of the bum grinding concept called twerking, and the use of the liberally introduced words but and however.

Umm, but twerking, however, may not be appropriate? Not that I care. You know...actually, I would be amused to see if you can pull this story off. However, you may need to provide a visual link as twerking seems like an impossible concept to express without a video...just saying.

Ok. Let's see...ok. Here is a link, but remember this is research, and for some individuals an odd conflicted taboo. However, I believe I have found one that is Megatron approved.

Well then, that video link was what I was expecting... and more. But how does however fit into the story you are trying to tell? Oh, you're going to speak about twerking our language?

As usual, you are very perceptive. Though, as an internal narrative, I would expect nothing less. The duality of self, the duality of language, and the energy it creates from its construction, such as the grinding, twerking, free flow of energy that is one's perception of time as well as the good and bad narrative that surrounds the boundary walls it is contained within. Is that a bit too heavy for one sentence? Ok, let's unpack the twerk first.
At this point it is necessary to add that bum is a funny word, and that the grind allows for a very specific mental floral aroma, and bouquet of tastes. Two grinders side by side create vortexes, and presto! Time dilation effect is witnessed by one's eyes in an entrancing, electromagnetic, erotic display of entanglement. The eyes are entranced by a hypnotic vortex of colour and sound, as well as a host of other frequencies.
As with other quantum entanglement issues, the act of filming and analyzing the butt and the grinding motion requires tremendous effort, and only under strict guidelines do we get true, constructive, hard data. Our eyes use a complex Lense–Thirring equation that requires unrealized precognition to make sense of and experience the twerk. It is easy to see how language will fail to properly encompass this moment and, depending on one's perspective, a series of stories takes place. If I say but I have used an abrupt stop to make my point which then follows. However, there are less abrupt and more appropriate words for blocking/boundary definitions. However is a word that can carry one thought into another with less ego. We can see that the twerk of language is better with however than it is with but. "I thought you were kind, but I realized you were just an ass" versus "I thought you were kind, however, it turned out you were an ass". When does our use of language become a Time sink of play-acting another's ego and potential outcomes, versus simply telling the fucking truth? What defines the appropriate location on this spectrum, from individual to individual, when it comes to telling the truth, a white lie, or just bullshitting? What makes politicians and some religious leaders (as well as CEOs) so good at twerking? They seem to go to great lengths to watch their buts, and use however with much ease.

Has our language simply become an extension of dance? Was our language always an extension of dance? Is dance the original language, and hence the base language of today? Is dance basically, at its essence, movement and the music that drives it? How does twerking represent this conversation, and what is the bad behaviour? The conversation can have mislabeled optics introduced to mislead the individual in a fashion that is against their basic and intrinsic wants, desires, and needs. For example, information will almost always become subject, even when there are no buts, and this however will lead to greater and greater needs to lie and alter/vibrate the truth. Over a couple of generations the truth can become horribly distorted, even with good intent. Really, a group of individuals now are easily hypnotized by the twerking... no matter the ass.

Ok, so language has been twerked and now requires a re-twerking to get it to twerk just right...right? Did I mention I rewatched the twerk video again?Seriously, not sure what to make of this new language concept....vibrating gyrational vortexes creating energetic thoughts? Brings to mind a Venus Butterfly.

Even though a strongly causal point, this story is not about butterflies, or Venus, as bad behaviour is a red light with words that are often cock-blocks to greater thoughts and more proactive solutions. Some bad behaviours are good, and even good when they are bad, but some behaviours however are bad even when they seem to be good. Does your ego know the difference between non subjective and subjective realities, and if not, is the language that you use enabling behaviours that are very negative and conflict driven?

Ok if they are quantum entangled butt cheeks then what about how observation affects reality?

IMG_3713 2.jpeg

Well...umm... I'm glad you asked. It gives me a good excuse to end on some random thoughts about language. Through this new lens language can be seen as a method of gravity distortion as well as time displacement. Just as words can be reminiscent or prophetic, so too can language be shown to occur when the two ass cheeks move independently of each other. Some call the resulting concept frame-dragging magnetic moments but they may well be Asshats. However, a brief glance at the terminology does find some tight fitting concepts. There would indeed seem to be two oscillating fields that generate not only their own independent and concurrent energies, they would also seem to further energize a location that is formed between these two sources. The point of focus, the location that (if we are situationally correct) we can deduce the most information from; and hence, most experience of being is at this moment, the words you read. These two oscillating forces are the senses of past and future, and the point of focus is now. The twerking required increased cognitive updating for it to remain situationally aware, and thus, relevant. Our conversations require more thought than we likely put into them, and as such our words are not taking us to where we want to go. There are too many buts in tweaking language to suit a communistically capitalistic agenda. There is, however, a twerk appreciated from several angles that will facilitate better allowances of the gamut of behaviours that should be encouraged, and more.


What tweak is that, you ask? The power is in the words we use with each other and ourselves. The dance and movie that becomes our life, and the soundtrack that accompanies it. I try not to use the word but at all, instead inserting however if the situation necessitates it. Certainly, I try and take the time to understand the latest twerks of our culture and see it for the continuing story and narrative that it is.
Bad behaviours are words, and a conversation one has with oneself. But some things are bad, you say? However, we now know that the language we use is simply energy in written form, digested by the eyes.
And when she moves...the stars shine.


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