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SteemIT pinned a post about the mistakes of newcomers. The post focused on curation rewards, but failed to mention that accounts with small SP rarely receive curation rewards. So, I thought I would write about my mistakes as a newbie.

Don't Autofollow Followers

The first mistake I made was to autofollow the people who followed me. There are spammers who aggressively follow every account. Only follow people who you find interesting.

Don't Vote on Your Own Posts

The second big mistake is that I fell into the habit of voting on my own posts. I fell into this habit because a pod whales convinced me that it was standard practice. I drew the chart above from Don't vote on your own posts. It makes you look bad.


The upvote value of an account with 15 SP is currently 0.00007 . Wasting 100 upvotes on one's own posts amounts to nothing and it wastes the opportunity to network.

The primary reason I fell into this habit was because I was trying to figure out the value of my upvote. The Upvote Calculator shows the value of an upvote calculated to 4 digits. shows the upvote values calculated to three digits. My outgoing graph looks better than my incoming graph:


Upvotes Are About Networking ... Small Accounts Rarely Receive Curation Rewards

It is important to understand the formulas for calculating rewards.

If you go to your page on; you will see a listing of all of your actions on the blockchain. This is my page. shows curation rewards in a unit called rshares. I have 68 STEEM POWER. SteemD shows my upvote value last week was 2,521,663 rshares. The curation reward I receive is usually around $0.001 . If I front-run large upvotes, It will be higher. This box shows data from steemd.


Back when I had just 15 SP, I rarely received curation rewards. I only received rewards when I frontran huge votes, which is a rare occurrence.

The amount of STEEM POWER in one's account determines the rewards. The upvote of an account with 60 SP is 0.001. Ten upvotes a day are worth a STEEM penny which is worth about a sixth of a US penny.

Accounts with under 30 SP rarely receive curation rewards. The upvotes for small accounts are primarily about networking. Curation rewards are not significant until an account has several hundred dollars worth of SP.

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