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This a tutorial to teach how to apply stop loss on the exchange market like bittrex. In fact the tutorial was carried on bittrex. I guess you must already be familiar with If not, pay the site a visit and see what you have been missing.

With the current surge by many cryptos it is undoubtedly true that more people are starting to key into the system. There is a high influx of venturers hence favouring the coin price. Let that not be mistaken for magic or anything, Coins only prosper by adoption.

So this feature called "Stop Loss", what benefit is it to you?
One stark feature of cryptos is volatility. Nobody can take that away from them, it is their nature to fluctuate. So if you happen to bid a sell price on a growing coin, I bet you would be really be sad if over night the chart turn downward and it plummets by over 10%. Which could be way below the purchase price. STOP LOSS is a function that put your bids in check while you sleep. It involves a trigger point that enlist your lowest bid (as in the amount of loss you can handle) in case of a fall while you sleep.

The video will explain more to you. It is only 3mb in size.

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This is something I was looking for.Thanks for sharing

well that is music to my ears; I'm glad you found it helpful.

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I will have to watch this video soon. Thanks! I’ve putn on sell orders but this will for sure save some money

It sure will, I'm certain. steem on

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Wow. I appreciate it.

wow...thanks so much for sharing,I have been thinking how it is done,I can save some fund now.

Well this is pretty much all about it. happy steeming.

Thanks for your good posts, I followed you! +UP