My belief regarding Tupac's murder

in tupac •  4 years ago 

I believe that Orlando Anderson murdered him due to the incident between them and nothing more.
No west coast vs east coast, no white vs black, no Illuminati, no Suge Knight conspiracy, no Puff Daddy involvement, and not even bloods vs crips beyond the personal incident with Orlando Anderson.
BG Knoccout and Dresta, Orlando Anderson's cousins and Compton Crips refuse to this day to talk about the murder and quite as expected say that Orlando Anderson was a good man.
They have no problem to talk about other issues.
Snoop Dogg's relation to the murder in my opinion is that he knew Tupac, knew about the incident, and as a Compton Crip knew what was coming, might had been warned or not, and kept himself out of harm's way by steering away from Tupac by the time of the incident and the following retaliation.

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