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Didn't have the foggiest idea what blockchain is, the thing that a digital currency is,

the manner by which they work and what is their motivation.

Strangely, I saw numerous networks existed and they were conveying and helping each other to develop, share encounters, etc!

On the principal day of investigating Steem, I discovered that it has a stage like online media which pays

,where you simply make posts, if individuals like it,

you'll procure. In the exact week I purchased bitcoin unexpectedly ,

and I discovered that there is an enormous cash behind cryptographic money.

As time passed, I figured out how to post on steemit,

I figured out how to content make, became ordinary posting on Steem.

So in a matter of seconds for a very long time I have educated the same number of things as I could,

So Steem Blockchain has numerous advantages for its users, as I was and I am one of them.

However, for a couple of months I won't distribute any post on Steemit.

Be that as it may, I will attempt to post routinely , however why?

Presently you will know the explanation below.

You learn, you acquire, you turned out to be essential for the network, you make the most of your time.

Other than all, there are some astounding information, which made me to again post in steemit.

You can discover data about what Steem is down beneath

Steem made an collaboration with TRON on February 2020.

What's more, the new team bring many amazing things like dairy game , shopping day , and some more.

I additionally participated in this challenges.

Be that as it may, later being occupied with my work I don't post so frequently.


In Steem Blockchain, Steemit is a stage for content creation that rewards incredible substance with STEEM,SBD and SP.

STEEM and SBD are coins which can be exchanged numerous trades.

SP is a Steem Power, where you can control up your Steem,

so you can keep your coins fueled up for as long as about a month,

as much Steem Power you have, that much your upvote is worth.

Abruptly this Integration occurred among Steemit and Tron. Why I think this is extraordinary?

This Integration is incredible for both TRX and Steem,

Recently SBD (Steem Backed Dollar) price up in market about 300% and it hit $5.

Currently it is trading on $3-$4 which is the result of integration of
Tron X Steemit.

due to the word that are getting out around which will reach whatever number individuals as could be allowed,

making the quantity of Steem clients increment.

A lot more individuals will come and find out about Steem Blockchain and Steemit.

Individuals will begin posting content on Steemit,

the important ones will get an extra award with TRX tokens.

The ratio is 1:1 , it means for every 1SP you will get 1 TRX ,

so if you use 50/50 rewards option you will get 50% reward in SBD and 50% in SP
(Steem Power).

I hope you understand if you use 100% power up option then you will receive more TRX.

Other than acquiring SBD and Steem , clients can procure TRX as well!

I will hold my TRX and when my holding reach atleast $50 I will buy steem with this.

Let me know what you will do with your Earned TRX. and what payout option will you use from now?

For me I will use 100% power up payout option , as it will increase my reward in TRX.

So to summarize, as indicated by my experience I can quickly clarify Steemit like this:

"A stage like Facebook, which pays for quality substance with Steem,

SBD from today with TRX as well. Where you draw in with the incredible network ,

figure out how to make content, to make recordings, learn, investigate and appreciate"

If anyone need help , you can ask me in the comments.

That's all for today , hope to see you regularly here from now.

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This is a great news. Now people will even be more encourage and motivated to power up more than before so that they can earn more trons in return

Hence , after everyone is powering up then there will be less steem on exchange for sell , the steem price will hit atleast $0.50 , my personal opinion!

Cryptocurrencies are the future. Let more people learn about cryptocurrencies with Steemit!


Thank you for taking part in the TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

Keep following @steemitblog for the latest updates.

The Steemit Team

Thank you!