About the truth in our mind and consciousness

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Hello, Today I am going to talk about the Truth. Carefully understand the word TRUTH means what ever you say, it will be done. Suppose you say something, and there is truth then it will happen.

In the Bible God said, and all the creation created by the word. Means the word created all the things, what we see in our eyes.

If word become truth means what ever we say it will happen, but it is not happening ... why because we tell all the time lie. So the conscious of our mind or say heart is in the lying environment. Try to understand if you never say any single lie, you say or talk all the time the truth .... think about it, what will happen ... whatever you say it will be done. So let get out of the lying field and enter into the truth ... always say the truth ... in this process the time will come whatever you say it will come true, why cause you always tell truth.

What God said or our Lord God, Jesus said, I am the Truth. means what ever Jesus says is truth and it happen instantly.

That's why in the Ten Commandment God said to Israelite never say lie.

When you tell the truth all the time you will know the truth and the truth will make you fee. So what is truth ... Whatever Jesus said is Truth. So Jesus said know the truth and Truth will make you free. Jesus is the Truth ... so know more and more about Jesus and you will be free.

Thank you all to my beloved brothers. @sam99

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