The biggest announcement I have ever Made!!!!

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Guys I am so happy to announce That my first child was born today... Im not talking about a human though.

Im talking about my first program designed from me from the ground up... starting from a blank page This isnt that important for you guys to know, just a major MAJOR probably the biggest milestone in my life in terms of what ive been trying to do and actually stopping and taking the time to learn how to do it instead of just trying to wing it.

So what is is ????

@trx-steem is now an Automated exchange from TRON -> STEEM

I'm not making an "official" launch yet because I have to monitor my baby closely before hes ready to fend for himself. This will Probably have a few stages of fixes which is to be intended / because I need to see how the code fails inorder to know how to prevent it from happening, this only comes with testing from many different scenarios.


TRX Address:

Send Minimum 10 tron to above address


Good MemosBad Memos
joshh71390Joshh71390 steemit
se-payoutmy user name is @se-payout

If you send the memo form tron with anything except for just your username it will not be sent out , i will have to look at it and manually stop the bot / edit the code to delete the other stuff and then send it out. so please i insist only put your steem account you want the payment to go.

Please dont worry about having conversations with my tron wallet or being polite just put your steem account without the @

EXAMPLE : if I wanted to send 100 tron my transaction would look like this

Desktop Screenshot 2021.11.28 - (2).png

The program will then process the pending orders and send them out as them come in based on the price at of steem and tron. This will be an automated process in the next few days, but for right now I have the sending portion of it attached to a "switch" so i can check the posts first then send it out once i press send.

One final note -> Steemegg token holders will recieve some sort of added profit payout from this service... I dont know what the rates would be yet or what the ammounts would even look like but it is in the timeline for sure once we launch for good so keep that in mind if you still need a reason to delegate.

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Yeah !

OMG- i hate the tron-shit, and the key chaos on steem

i dont gtet any transfer running :(

@umuk It's very easy to receive your TRX if you have a TRX-wallet.

1: Link an existing Tron account
2: copy paste your tron wallet address and confirm

TRX will automatically arrive in your wallet.

No need to install anything. If it doesn't work download the Tron pdf and it will. You can remove that pdf later.

howdy @wakeupkitty :))
ich weiss das alles!
alles ist aktiviert auf allen meinen accounts.
ich erhalte regelmässig die trx.
persönlich habe ich jedoch keine verwendung dafür.
aber wenn ich versenden will funktioniert es 19 von 20 fällen einfach nicht.
egal welchen key ich verwende - fehlermeldung!!!!

ich hab das mit @trx-steem mit 5 meiner accounts probiert, mit allen vorhandenen keys - es will nicht!

einzig mit der tron-app auf android habe ich erfolg, aber da habe ich nur den 0815 acc drinnen, nicht die sideaccounts.

es ist sehr unfreundlich für nutzer und mir fehlt die geduld mit dem herumspielen!



Ohhh ich kann dein Problem lösen.

Sie verwenden Ihre Steem-Schlüssel, aber Sie müssen Ihre Tron-Schlüssel verwenden.

das ist die offizielle Geldbörse von tron ​​-> es gibt tatsächlich ein paar offizielle, aber diese wird tatsächlich von der tronfoundation bearbeitet.

Sie können Ihren privaten tron-Schlüssel aus dem PDF-Dokument verwenden. Durchsuchen Sie Ihren Computer oder Ihr Telefon nach den Wörtern tron ​​pdf für oder etwas Ähnlichem. und kopiere es in die Steem-Seite, wenn es nach dem privaten Schlüssel fragt. Aber ein einfacherer Weg ist, die tronlink-Wallet zu verwenden und einfach Dinge zu versenden, wie Sie es tun würden, wenn Sie einen steemkeychain oder was auch immer Sie für steem verwenden würden

Ohhh i can solve your problem.

Your using your steem keys but you need to use your tron keys.

thats the official wallet of tron -> they actually have a few offical but that one is actually worked on by the tronfoundation.

You can use your tron private key and copy past it into the steem page when it asks for the private key. But an easier way is to use the tronlink wallet and just send stuff out the same way you would if you had steemkeychain or whatever you use for steem

yes, of course i tried the tron keys first - they just don't want to work via the steemitwallet.

I think that has only tried once many weeks ago, I sent you the @umuk trons to exchange.

Currently it does not want to work - I give it up for now!
I'm just annoyed!!!


The Steemit wallet is for Steem only.
You need to download the entire Tron wallet, pdf and so on to use the TRX key.
I lost my first few hundreds of TRX with figuring out how to do it. Can't find it back so dumped it.

Bei mir geht TRX nach Bitvavo und Nexo (Spar schwein). Von daraus kann ich es dann weiterschicken oder verkaufen (wenn dann mache ich das mit

Ich glaube die hatte vor Steem für Tron auszutauschen und möchten dass wir das Tron system benutzen. Ich verstehe davon auch nicht viel aber halte es für schön dass es TRX extra gibt.

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Everyone gets free steem to the wallet that is created for them through steem or through using your own wallet and linking it. it takes some time. Please the thing im worried about is everyone is clearly spamming and whatnot to somem degree... lets be real here, we cant go and start complaing about free money that is given to us. Giving away mass free money is not something that you should be using as a reason to dislike something...

if you want a reason to reconsider think about this... I would never be here right now... If i never made my first tron wallet in 2018 and started checking out the landscape as it was going up. so many fond memories of FIRST LAUNCHES and huge news development / I spent a year or so going to the library every day learning / and trying to enter the game of a developer. I am only now actually putting that stuff to use as a developer but since 2018 to 2020 i never missed a day of trading tokensn on the dexs atleasast 5 hours a day... It was a lifestyle and a way to reshape my brain into what it is today...

you're right - partially!

but the integration and transparency has not improved in all these months. it remains an annoying marginal product that still needs special attention.


i agree that it needed some reforming . However the way it worked out was in my opinion the best way possible. Tron and steem are not the same platform. Justin sun bought steemit. which is a website, but he doesnt own the steem blockchain, he cant recode it to include tron. The best he can do is add a feature on the website that if you claim a reward it adds you to a list and sends you some money. Ill admit the way it was working was not good but not for the reasons you think, it's because the transactions needed to be pooled up and paid out at once.

you have people that have hundreds of accounts spamming hi its thursday 400 times on a thursday. when each of those accounts claims tron 45 times an hour. thats when the backlog of payouts starts to get screwed up. because if it takes all day to process 900k transactions, but 900k transactions are added each hour, then it's not not going to work.

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omg i love tron, you guys are looking at tron as malfunctioning. but thats not a tron situation, its just a situation with ow they handled the rewards. But it needs to be looked at as FREE rewards added to your steem. not something that is owed. in that case it is a beautiful thing. =) but anyways yea if you send tron to that wallet it sends back pretty close to market value exchange to steem. it just calculates the price off the exchanges. takes a small fee but it is not noticable when you guys are able to turn steem into more steem theres much more sense to do it with your tron =)

like imagine if you had 1000 tron and turned that into 139 steem (thats just a rough estimate of a price that i remember the program logging out while i was testing. Now imagine buying a max upvote from every bot with that 139 steem in talking the tip u and all ...)

now in just one week you could turn that 1000 tron ... into 139 > cycle that back into your posts. and get paid back maybe 150 steem ... cycling it again and again when it could of just been sitting there. Im not saying give me all your tron! im just trying to open offer as much into / tools / services as i can to my favorite people aka the steemegg community...


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Congrats! !invest_vote



Thanks buddy. Even if it makes a total of zero dollars. the fact that I was able to start it and bring it to a working prototype is beyond satisfying for me.

wow, congrats :)) thumbs up

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Congrats to you. It might be helpful to some. I like to keep my TRX

Amazing i will make sure to try it :)

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Hello, could you please check if my 36.44 TRX arrived about 50 minutes ago. I have no confirmation nor have the steem arrived! Thank you :-) levi-miron

Ah yes friend I got it I have the program running manually right now let me run the program. it should be in your account by the time you see this =)


Thank you! :-)