What Are Your Travel Plans For 2020?

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What Are Your Travel Plans For 2020?

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Expect some more updates next week but we're not going to let you go just like that. We want to know:

Your 2020 Travel Plans

Got some exciting travels coming up? Please leave a comment and don't forget, TravelFeed.io is the place to share your travel stories with a like minded community.

And congratulations to the three winners of the weekly round-up which comes with a prize pool of 24 Steem.

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Place 1
Between Lebuh Armenian and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling written by @ackhoo
It's been a long while since I've visited, and the long absence seems to have fueled my interest in all things big and small, new and old along these streets. Quite an effort keeping all other 'admirers' out of sight in my shots!

Place 2
Cetatea Medievală a Severinului written by @gabrielatravels
The beautiful ruins date since the beginning of the 13th century and they have a rectangular shape that is surrounded by two enclosure walls that were supposed to protect the passers with some big iron gates against the Hungarian Kingdom who wanted to create a military feudal formation in 1230.

Place 3
Budapest - city that never sleeps written by @plantfuljourney
Slovakia and Hungary were interconnected for many centuries. Slovak minority belonged to the Hungarian Kingdom and at that time they didn't have the same rights as Hungarians, so there was a lot of tension. Even today, there is a large Hungarian minority in Slovakia, and I know that many people are not that happy about it and would like them to move to Hungary.

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Travel plans so far are to go to Slovenia in May but I'm hoping to make Steemfest wherever that is and possibly the States for a conference around a new busines I'm starting.

Sounds great and we have to see you at the next SF!!!!

I am !DERANGED and give some away too...

Wow! Yayyyyyyy... 1st place... what a pleasant surprise!! 😍😊😄
Thank you for the support and acknowledgement ~ means a lot to me!

Yup, in the midst of planning a trip... quite an over-due one - in my opinion. Let's see if that happens... 😉🤞

Looking forward to hear about your upcoming trip!!! Where to?

Thank you! 😊 Melbourne... 🤞

Awesome features, as usual. Congrats everyone! For 2020, I'm starting a new chapter and headed to Micronesia 8-)


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Yes!!! When are you heading over?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

We are going to Maui this summer and I am excited to post about it on your site

We're looking forward to your posts!

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When I get some additional funds, move from Vietnam and spend 2 months in India, Nepal, then head to Lithuania.

Sounds amazing - great posts guaranteed :)

Madagascar is on top of my list. If not, Réunion or any nice island in the Indian Ocean will do. I'd love to visit Japan again, probably North of Japan, Sendai and surroundings.

Ohhhh Réunion is looking incredible! We can't wait to see you posts!

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