Train rides... and sunsets...

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Train rides... and sunsets...

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When was the last time you took a train ride?
Not an LRT or MRT or monorail or tram

An actual (choo choo) train that takes you out of town... faraway to another city... that kind! Well, this was an electric train (no, no choo choos) but you know what I mean...

Not sure about you, but for me it was ages ago... almost when I was a kid... until recently when we decided to take a trip to Penang, up north of Peninsular Malaysia... from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city.

A journey that used to take eight hours on the trains of by-gone days... now took us four hours, yes, halved... not that it was a speeding train - there were some stops at some major towns and stations, but we went a maximum speed of 160 km per hour so we made good time.

The trip going wasn't much to talk about as it was a night train... but the return... ahaaa....

Departure at 1830hrs, meant sunset onboard!

And boy, did we get a sunset...!
And I sat on the right, I mean correct side too!!! That helped...

Sunsets follow me around... did I tell you?!!

I have a 'magic window' at home... that yields me plenty of memorable sunsets...
And now on the train...

Let's have less talk, and more photographs, shall we...
Do note though that capturing shots through double glazed (or whatever) train windows will give you reflections, so you will see some as well as it is a moving train, sooo... keep these points in mind when you view these shots!

Now that I got the disclaimers done, let's have a look!
All aboard.........................!

This is a sample of what we got, during the journey...
Yeah! I couldn't wait to show you... lol
Now we go to the start, from the station...

See... it was promising even from the station platform itself!
This was just before the train started moving

Poor unlucky people who sat on the 'wrong' side... 😁

The start of the chugging along...
And the sun teasing through the trees

Let me also warn you that you'll be seeing lots of train electric cables, poles, overhead connectors, etc...
It's a train track!
What did you expect!!!
I think it helps give one the ambiance and mood that tells you, you're on a train!

More ambiance!
But don't you love the glow...

Ohhhh, Malaysian coconut trees...
A sure-fire sign you're in a tropical country!
Nothing beats sunsets and coconut trees, right?!
I had to give you the colour, read, "colour sunset" version of my opening shot!

A monochrome of a station platform
Stark black and white, of pillars, hanging signs...

Countryside and the sunset again
Drink it all in...
Before the sun goes away

And finally, reflections when we passed a paddy field

What do they say about the holiday starting with the journey, not just the destination... well, it also does not end when you check out...
Enjoy your journeys home too
Well, at least stay awake awhile to enjoy some part of it!
Happy trails!

Captured with SONY A5100 and Xperia M5 | © image & text original content | click image for full screen view
Posting this for #monomad by #monochromes ~ original ideas by @brumest

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I love traveling by train :) One of just a few means of transport where I dont get sick (usually) :D The views of the landscapes passing by is another bonus for sure. Awesome shots :)

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

Ahaaa... a fellow train ride fan! :)
Yes, not getting sick is definitely a plus point! And some trains also have wonderful dining cars - although I don't think we had one on this train... Thank you for the compliment and for the tipU! :D

We recently traveled from Los Angeles to San Antonio, Texas, a 29 hour trip. We had a bedroom, with our own sink, shower and toilet. Meals in the dining car mean a chance to meet new people. We’re headed back the other way in the next few days. The train is called The Sunset Limited, and it lives up to its name. We should see a nice desert sunset :-)

That's a train ride! 😮 29-hour... I can't imagine that!
What an adventure - sounds pretty comfy though... The Sunset Limited - niceeee.... 😃👍
All the best for desert sunsets!
Looking forward to seeing them... 😊

I hope the weather cooperates :-)

Stunning capture!!! Did you buy your train ticket? For money! Oh, a perfect #MarketFriday! :)

These are actually so spectacular! Only in a tropical country would you see such brilliance again the train tracks! The colors are stunning and the silhouettes are fabulous, adding to the attraction of the ride.

I actually just went on a train from Florida to Washington, DC and it was really fun as it had been years on anything other than a commuter rail. It was a 23-hour ride, but, was interesting and the different terrains!

I think everyone deserves a go-around on one!! Have a great weekend!

#MarketFriday loves you! ;)

Upped and Steemed


Hahaha... Saved by Denise... 😄😉
Yes, we bought our train tickets! And yes, I was very pleasantly surprised with the sunset - totally unexpected! A 23-hour ride - wow! It's a big country you're in... I do love train journeys - something quite romantic, and nothing that spells adventure more than a train ride...
Happy Weekend to you too! 🧡

Awwww..... I must MUST go hunting for a big do MarketFriday soon... 😏
Brains clicking.... now.... hmmmmm............

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What delightful views you had on the train, I take the traint o work every work day, it takes about an hour and a half so counts as a real train but i have never taken any shots from it, maybe I should before I retire

Have a super Sunday

Ahaaaa - yes, that's a 'real train'! 😃 Thank you!! 😊🙏
You should try some shots.... bet you've got some amazing scenes too!

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Ohh yeah once the train hits CT the view is often of beaches and such, of course in the owning at this time of year for the os part the view is a dark scene LOL

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