Travel Digest #733

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Hi, @itchyfeetdonica here with another travel digest. Enjoy!
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Travel Digest

#1 Lights, nature and super trees at Gardens by the Bay by @macoolette

Gardens by the Bay is famous for its Supertrees but there are also many other attractions to enjoy in the garden. I thought the garden is just "one" but the guide map made me realize it is not. Below the name "Gardens by the Bay" is a sub-title "Bay South." So there are Bay North and the other sides of the compass? I figured the sub-title refers to one of the garden's three water fronts: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. Then I was in the south area.

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#2 To bridge or not to bridge at Tamazuan, central Taiwan by @livinguktaiwan

During my recent Christmas break, I visited an indigenous village called Tamazuan in central Taiwan. Tamazuan is an indigenous village of the Bunan tribe, similar to the one that I was staying at for the weekend. Tamazuan is the tribal name of the village and and it's Chinese name, pronounced in English is Dili. My friend knew one of the Dili village leaders, called Tiger, and he hosted us for the day. I 'm not sure if Tiger is his nickname, or his tribal name, but he was as sweet as a big cat. Our day here started off picking our own vegetable for lunch at Tiger's farm.

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#3 Winter day at Starina by @delishtreats

Before we go, we wanted to spend some time with Maxo, so we drove to Starina reservoir. We were there in summer too, but it has a very different atmosphere in winter. It's one of my favorite places in the region as there are dense forests, large fields and you can easily spot some deer or other wild animals here. You shouldn't go deep in the forest as there are bears and wolves too! Unless you want to meet them, of course.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Wilanów Palace, Warsaw, Poland by @lesiopm
  • Beaches of Koh Larn, Pattaya, Thailand by @jessestlouis
  • Cycling, Portogruaro, Italy by @boga4
  • Street art, Granada, Spain by @digi-me
  • Sumur Tiga beach, Sabang, Indonesia by @khaimi
  • Old town, Pula, Croatia by @borjan
  • Basílica de Santa María, Portugalete, Spain by @txatxy
  • Mount Danigala, Kandegama, Sri Lanka by @madushanka

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    Fantastic curation, @itchyfeetdonica! @macoolette, what a cover image—Dang!

    That's my Nth shot of I don't know how many... It took time for me to decide which one should I use as the primary image. 😃

    Ah, yes, the illusion cover image! I know these all too well. The only thing tougher than the cover image for me, personally, is the opening sentence—they really kick my you know what. And neither of those are as tough as that got dang post button! 😉

    But you nailed it, @macoolette, “striking.”

      ·  3 years ago (edited)

    Hi @itchyfeetdonica Thanks for mention me and give me a chance @steemitworldmap. Blessing

    Well deserved! Beautiful beach in your post!

    Thanks a lot for the mention :)

    Yay, I got the top spot! 🌞💃💖💃💖💃🌞

    Thank you very much @steemitworldmap, @blocktrades and everyone who showed support on my post! 🙏

    That's a great post and lovely shots, well done!

    Thanks again... 🌞