Travel Digest #727

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Hi everyone! @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's edition of the #TravelDigest. Hope you've all recovered from the New Year celebrations and are ready to share more travel stories with us.

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Travel Digest

#1 Out on the jetties... by @ackhoo

These clan jetties of Penang were never tourist attractions before... they were just places where people lived. And they settled there years ago, and their ancestors more than a century ago!And suddenly today when photographs have become collectibles, and most sought after by tourists in this instagram age, they have suddenly become locations for photo shoots, be they for fashion spreads, weddings or just selfies with the sunset...

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#2 Ancient Siam - เมืองโบราณ (Muang Boran) by @imtase

One of the first things that strikes at first glance is the attention to the fine detail. Even if they are reproductions, we can see that Lek Viriyaphant was a great lover of Thailand, so many details and care have been taken, both outside and inside We are easily transported by this atmosphere which makes us discover different aspects of Thai history through its architecture. Whether it is from the beginning of its history like here with Prang Sam Yod (13th century).

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#3 A journey to the Ikara Flinders Ranges Park by @haydae

Port Augusta wasn’t exactly the most exciting city in Australia. It wasn’t even remotely the most exciting city in South Australia. We had been travelling for hours on end, driving through the bare land of the Australian outback, only met by the occasional dead wallabies on the side of the road, so the familiar outline of an urban centre was one we welcomed with some relief.

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Thank you for the feature! :)

Your welcome, loved the jetties!

That made my day... 😊🤗 Thank you!

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Thanks a lot :)

That's s lot of breath taking scenery there. thanks for sharing

I appreciate this mention you guys! Thanks a lot, @steemitworldmap. See you soon.

You certainly fill your posts with lots of photos!!!

Only the best for @steemitworldmap. 👍🏿

Thanks a lot for this 2nd place :)

You're welcome