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Nothing is better than going away to a quite place and surrounded by nature!

My partner and I went on a drive to the mountain and all in a sudden felt the urge of going on a vacation again. He didn't want to travel outside Cebu after travel so many times in the past few months so we decided to stay at a resort in the mountain just an hour drive from our place called West 35.


We've been here a few times but we never really stay at the resort. So,we booked the room for one night but we decided to stay the following night without any plans, no bags packed, lol. My partner went home to get clothes for us and to also check on our two cats.


It's a really romantic place, our bathroom had a jacuzzi and glass windows where you can see the landscape. I was so tempted to take some photos but I didn't have my phone. Both of our phones were switch off since there's no internet nor mobile signal. My partner and I had deal not to use our mobile phones but rather take the time to enjoy the scenery.


The restaurant at the resort had a decent menu. We ordered some of their sandwiches and pizza, it was edible though our favorite dish to order was the corn soup and native chicken soup, which was really good and perfect for the cool weather.

We went home after staying at the resort for two nights but we ended up going back few days after and stayed for another three nights! We didn't want to stay for the weekend because the resort gets a lot of visitors during this period.

Our next visit, we enjoyed the bonfire just outside our room and had some hot chocolate and some s'mores that we brought with us. Can't have a bonfire without s'mores! :)

It was a very romantic vacation for us, we chatted a lot, talked about fun stuff, about life and about our future.

What about you? What have you been up to?

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Looks like a great place! We had a big hurricane here in Florida. It just missed my area, but wiped out parts of northern Florida.

Thanks Mark!

Oh no! I read about the hurricane, glad you're safe.

What a great spot! I shall add it to the list 😊
To see what I've been up to check out my post about Stradbroke Island!

Upvoted your post. Nice photos!

Thank you 😊

Thank you!

Will do 😉

Aw, i just turned green with envy. 😨😁 I wanted to get a vacation for so long already. but having a school kid, it is just impossible at the moment. Though I am already looking for places to go to for the coming semestral break. This is a nice option.

I bet it's more fun to travel with kids though. Where are you from?

I am from Pangasinan dear, about two hours away by plane. I have been to Cebu three times already, but I just can't get enough of it. There are just so much to see and eat.

Will definitely put this on my list..

How much was the room per night?

3900 for the deluxe room, it was the only available room they had that time aside from the family room.

Awesome, not bad at all for that dreamy view. Thanks for the feedback.

Goodmorning from sunny hollamd west is the best I think by Reading your blog dear. We have a quiet day ahead with alot off moving. We are changing kids rooms but its Nice

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"there's no internet nor mobile signal" makes me want to go there!! Looks beautiful and very green!

What have I been up to? @suitcasemama and I just welcomed our second little one a few weeks ago 👶😁

You and your smore's @purepinay

Wow! You guys loved the place that much huh? To be back again for 3 nights. I can't blame you though. I would have done the same if time and money allowed it. That jacuzzi by the window is superb by the way. Light up some candles, some wine or beer at hand and that wonderful view. Aahhh. Perfect.

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Hi @purepinay, I followed you very recently. Glad you see in my first comment. Such a romantic place where you stayed. Hope you enjoyed much better with your partner.

Thank you for the support. Indeed it was an amazing time with my partner. Hope everything is well with you.

I am glad that you can enjoy and share as a couple, the intimacy and being able to free yourself from the Internet for days is a blessing for the relationship and thus is strengthened even more. Friend around here working and taking the children to classes and their activities like Karate and classes of the musical instrument called cuatro. A hug and keep enjoying as much as you can, congratulations and blessings

Congratulations @purepinay!
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Good for you. You can experience that kind of life... (^_^)

Nothing! Always at work

I wondered if your and RC had moved to south america. Has that plan now been nixed?
Are you going to power down all the way too? I have been wondering about you guys.
What about getting married and have some children? Is that in the plans?

That looks stunning.....

chatted about our future

Hmm do I need to buy a new suit ? ;-)

Lovely place @purepinay
I wish that I could experienced that too.