Rocks and Waves: A Trip To Manay, Davao Oriental, Philippines

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I don't know what came up to my best friend's mind but she insisted with going somewhere to relax. She probably missed me so much :P (She lives in a city 4 hours away from me and we only see each other once or twice a year). Well, there is a beautiful island just 15 minutes away from my city but these bastards decided to go to a place 5 hours away. I'm cool with some adventure so count me in!

On October 9 at 3PM, we started the long ride to Manay, Davao Oriental which is in the Eastern part of Mindanao, Philippines. After hours of the butt-aching ride, we finally got to the place at 9PM. We ate our dinner and they took out the alcohol where uhmm... I puked out some calories that I should have saved for myself to gain weight... and some asshole miles away just laughed at me. :)

I woke up early the next day and since the rest are still sleeping, I sneaked out and walked to the beach.





Beautiful, right? Photos above are taken with my phone because I'm clumsy I didn't bring the camera at the beach and left it at the rest house. :P

The next photos are taken with my Nikon D3200 though.

After eating breakfast, we went to the market to buy some food for lunch.


This "fan" is used to shoo away the flies. :D


And here we go with the cooking.




Well, they tried to use these but they were having a hard time maintaining the fire so they gave up and just bought some coconut charcoal instead. (And I just took pretty pictures)



Pork marinated in soy sauce and some spices. Yuuum.

We also prepared a Filipino traditional food, Kinilaw. Yup, that is raw fish with vinegar, cucumber, calamansi, ginger and onions. It tastes really good!




After lunch, we went around the area to look for a perfect spot to swim. Since the waves are strong and the place is rocky, we have to look for a safe place to swim... You know, a place where we won't bump our asses to some rocks or get sucked by a rip tide.

First stop, too open.. no shade. So we took pictures instead.



Just some high school friends on a vacation.


This is Joyce, my best friend for 8 years now.

We went to another area. Well... waves are stronger and we didn't have the balls to swim in there.






Moving on, we found the perfect spot.



And some pictures.




Want some coconut shell?


Wanna go inside?

After taking a dip, we went back to the house and ate dinner. I took a picture of the beach and tried to get that misty look of the water.


Not good yet with photographing scenery since I am going out just now. Sorry. Lol.

We set a campfire at the beach with marshmallows, hotdogs, alcohol and some life drama.



This was a perfect night. A fire surrounded by good friends, good food, and a sky full of stars. We also saw a couple of shooting stars. There was a firefly lurking on us too. Probably listening to us reminiscing our funny and awkward moments in high school.

I took some pictures the next day. (And that includes a self portrait, of course)







I really enjoyed this trip. I don't know when will the next trip with my friends be, but I will always treasure this day.


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Uhm yeah sure! :D

Awesome! Thanks @hiddenblade :)

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Your sure do have great friends, hanging out with them must have been so much fun... The views there are really amazing, I am sure it was worth the long 5hrs drive😃. And yeah, you were able to create beautiful memories together and also remember old ones, its great...Definitely worth it...

Well, you didn't go with your camera but I think your phone did a great job!

Thankfully, you were able to find a great spot to swim, the waves and rocks didn't stop the fun😀

Yeah although the trip was short, it was so fun! About the camera, there must be a misunderstanding. I used my phone only at the time where I got up early and went to the beach...The others are taken with my camera. Haha. Edited now. Sorry it confused you 😂 Thank you!

Hahahah! Its no problem😀, I actually enjoyed the confusion for a while😉 but its still good! Glad you had fun....

It looks like a beautiful and fun day, just the perfect time to hang with your close friends. All the photos are lovely and I'm a huge fan of pictures of the sea, which you took plentifully :D.
Congrats on the curie vote, hiddy. I would have nominated it if I wake up earlier XD.

Yeah just perfect! I’m glad you liked the photos of the sea 😃
Haha well I posted this at around 5am in your time, I don’t blame you lol. Thank you scrawlyyy!

So pretty!!!

Thank you! 😍

The photos are amazing! If you didnt mention that you used your phone's camera for the photos, i wouldn't have noticed HB! Congrats with the curie! 😀

Oh no, there must be a misunderstanding. I used my phone only at the time where I got up early and went to the beach. I should have said I left the camera at the rest house..The others are taken with my camera. Haha. Sorry it confused you 😂 Thank you!

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What a beautiful place! Never been to Philippines and didn't even know how to picture it. Thank you for bringing this amazing piece of earth to us in Europe without traveling there :) It looks like you had a great time with your friends. You are lucky that it is just a 5 hours drive. For me it would be traveling to the other side of world! :)

Oh, and I love your hair! :) It suits you perfectly.

Thank you for sharing details from your adventure with us and congratulations on the curie vote! Your photos are stunning!

Picture some islands with white sand beaches and coconuts and aqua-blue seas for most parts of the Philippines.. There are also some caves, tunnels, sand dunes, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, etc etc.. We have lots of Maldives-like islands here. :D
You're welcome and thank you!

Sounds like a paradise :) It's just so so so far away.. I always hoped to get to that part of the world but haven't managed yet. BUT I'll get there one day :)

Looks like you had a wonderful time! And I can only guess how well the food tasted!

Yeah I did! You will taste the foods soon when you come here, especially in Mindanao area 😃 And of course don’t forget to contact me when you come 👌 Thanks!

Stop it, I'm drooling!!! :)

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Yay! Thanks!

Oo I love the sun shining photo @hiddenblade. Stunning!! And the beach is sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Aww I love that too! Thank you😍

what a great adventure as a couple, the food looks delicious the one they made that day, the beach looks to swim a lot, it's very fun to enjoy in front of a beach and sunrise @hiddenblade

Yes the food is delicious! And views are stunning. Thank you! 😍

howdy from Texas hiddenblade! wow you guys know how to have a great time, I loved the nature, ocean and scenery shots as well as ya'll having fun!
I looked like a wonderful time, is the the group of friends that you always go to places with?