Travala is giving me headache...

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I have read quite a lot about Travala and I have also had it recommended by @belemo and @gooddream. As a result, I decided to buy some tokens and stake them at the Travala website. But, I also decided to keep some just on the platform, just in case I would like to use them for actual traveling. And since then, I have had a headache! :)


Why is Travala giving me headaches?

I love to travel, and I love to discover the world and see new areas. But, I am also one who counts every Dollar, and if something is cheaper elsewhere, then I normally always use the cheaper solution. So, after I bought some AVA tokens, I decided to compare with Travala.

It was quite interesting to do some comparing, and I can say the following.

If you want to book a normal room for 2 people, Travala was cheaper than 100% of the time.

So, that is quite brilliant, isn't it? And when I say cheaper, then I think about the prices you see on the platform. If you add the possibility to receive as much as 5% in payback afterward, and further discounts with your Smart membership, it looks even better.

I have kids, and I should mention that if you want to book rooms with kids, things might be a bit too complicated for Travala, as they have trouble finding solutions for larger groups that require not-so-normal rooms. In other words, if I want to book a room for 5-6 people, then I might find what I am looking for quicker with

But, why do I get a headache?

Do you know why? Because it just makes me want to travel. I want to book a hotel room right away and just discover the world. But, Covid is making it a bit harder, at the moment. However, I will do my best to try Travala for an actual hotel booking in the coming months, and whenever I get to actually try it, I will for sure return to share my thoughts about the platform, the payment of the room, the payback in percentage afterward, and whatever my experience will be.

No matter what, I am really excited about the platform, and I look forward to using it for bookings and earning passive income in the future!

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Travala is pretty great and I have high hopes for its future once people are moving around again. They do need to make some tweaks to the interface though. For example that "map" function when searching for hotels is something that is very useful on sits like Agoda but that part of Travala barely functions and doesn't list the prices on the "mapview" or at least didn't the last time I looked at it.

I haven't been anywhere in a while but once I do travel, I will be using Travala as much as possible. It is good that you did some research and found out that it is cheaper than, that's a plus for sure.

I guess those tweaks that will make it better will come over time. didn't turn into a giant in a day either, neither did TripAdvisor and Uber. And I must say that the map function that you describe also would be really useful one.

But until then, just knowing that fact that it is way cheaper for normal bookings, that is a treat in itself!:) I will for sure try it this summer, so will write some more words about it then! :)