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Bidbots need to start publishing their standards - So let us be the first one to start! As We might "track" the other bidbots as well on our site, but first we will show our wonderful customers and all delegators what booster sees in realtime. At you can see the current and past voting round!


A Message from Knuckle Puck on Transparency

As time goes on, we will most likely have more complexity added so bookmark and visit often, and also the beauty of how organized @Booster is when looking at it from the perspective of

Be the voice of Transparency! Join us on Discord and tell us what you want to see more of/less of

We have spent almost 3 years now on / and have over this time gained a formidable experienced userbase mixed with investors, inventors, developers, visionaries, traders, OG´s and new people. We wish to welcome you to have a saying of inspiration in how we march forward.

Our Own Steem Bots Snooper!

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Could you please tell me more about boosting and how to ?
Best regard.

Sure @mahassan, what do you want to know more about?

  1. To Earn Passive income with @booster?


  2. To Trend Your Post or comment using @booster?

First I would like to know how to trend my posts and comments using @booster

you send X amount of STEEM, for example 30 STEEM to @booster with a link to your new post or comment as MEMO.

Look at @booster´s wallet how others do it.

Thank you @booster

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Me too I want to know how to trend and promote my posts and comments using @booster

You send X amount of STEEM to @Boooster with link to your new post or comment in the MEMO.

you can see on how it looks like. NB: Current Round is always a prediction no matter what bot you use.

Go BOOSTER! the one and only original bid bot! GO BOOSTER!

Thank you for helping us become a better service!

Go @booster
Hope you are running very well.
The last time I'd checked.

Keep an eye on - big things are coming from @inertia when it comes to full transparency. Who knows, maybe you will find our website to be a tad more accurate than any other so called steem bot trackers?

Transparency is indeed needed in this industry.

Probably these are the daily returns.
Daily returns fluctuate?

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Yes - it fluctuates because of how much/little people shop for upvotes. Some days are insanely good, others are average, and some are retardedly boring, but on average is all very good. Look at my score at under delegators.

Okay thanks :)
Considering delegating to @booster.

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It s look interested, waiting for cleaming some steem to use your services 👍👍
What about delagation of steem power?
Is it more interesting than post promotiin services ?
Thank you in advance 👍

delegating to @booster is great - Look at my score at under delegators.

I don't like this you should not damage to your customer.

That’s awesome! I use booster at times 🤑

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hah - you should use my service every time.
I am LOADED with over 1,000,000+ SteemPower
My Upvote in r_Shares/Steem+SteemPower is ENORMOUS, so make sure to use my service all the time.


Is there a minimum amount for bidding?

Unfortunately i did a invalid bid on this post

I already did promote on this post but for my mistake i again bid 11 steem on this post. I hope @booster back my 11 steem.

Please check this


Will there ever be the addition of showing when the next vote will occur?

Yep - I noticed it was just implemented. Check

Perfect! That’s exactly what was needed.

It's a really good addition.
Buddy I couldn't find the amount of return on delegations.

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I undelegated recently when you stopped paying.
Didn’t know you would recover and reorganise so quickly.
Great work. Will be delegating again in near future

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Look at my score at under delegators.


We've sent a total bid of 50 STEEM but only receive a 40% vote that worth around 10.66$ in this post. Please fix it.


Unfortunately i did a invalid bid on this post

I already did promote on this post but for my mistake i again bid 11 steem on this post. I hope @booster back my 11 steem.

Please check this


Hey @booster is deceiving. Information on bids does not show and I got $0.917 upvote for 5 Steem before realizing that I was deceived by what was displayed. More people will fall for this too and you are here talking about transparency. Damn! My hard earned 5Steem! 😠

what are you talking about? Dollars or Steem? Bad luck? What is the angle here? I want to know.

The thing is I was watching @booster on when it was less than 15mins to close the bidding round and for like 10 minutes it was indicating about 26Steem as maximum suggested bid and over 80% profit after curation on those who had their bids in already, if I remember clearly.

I decided to throw in 5Steem and at the end of the round, @booster voted me at $0.917 (STU) which is a big loss. I went back to check information about the bids of that round but it was showing the same information I saw before getting in (meaning even my bid didn't appear and certainly many others).

So, I'm saying I was deceived by information displayed by booster.

Let me use it later, thanks for the updates!

Needs an option to show multiple bids from the same person on the same post when viewing the last round's bid results.

For instance if I put in a 6 steem bid two hours before the round is over, then also put in an 8 steem bid 2 minutes before the round is over, it only shows my first 6 steem bid in the results. However bost bids contribute to how much of a vote I receive in return. Just am not able to view the profit statistics.

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(the same 2.5steem but the amount of bolting is different. What is the other reason?)

@booster, Great come back and in my opinion it is quickest recovery and come back after phase of adversity. Hope that Booster will going to provide effective and profitable service. Stay blessed team.

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Looking very profitable to be a booster user tonight - check out on the last rounds.

Will check brother. Have a pleasant time ahead.