Tournament report - The Wealthy Gambit 23.06.2019

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Hello Splinterlands Maniacs :)

Another tournament from the past weekend, and another report. This time the diamond league and gold foil cards only. Obviously the lack has a lot of meaning here. You don't watn to face the oponents with the higher leveled cards ;) You can see the tournament details on the screen below:


The tournament started with 32 players, so there was no qualifier round.

In the first round my opponent was @vcdragon. The result was 2-1 in my favour. The teams in the battles looked like this:




In the second round I was facing @bji1203. The result was 2-0 in my favour again. Easy win this time. And the teams in battles looked like this:



In the third round my opponent was @raynie. Very strong player and very tough game - I wasn't able to join the first buttle due to the Internet issues, but I was able to win 2-1. The teams in the other two battles looked like this:



@goldendome was my opponent in the semifinal round. Again I had the Internet issues and I wasn't able to join the last battle... I lost 1-2 because of that :( The teams in two other battles looked like this:



So, my score is the third place and 24 Steem prize. I was angry because it could been better. Not the oponent but the Internet isses bits me this time :(


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Good work!

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