Let's help @mashiliyanage achieve her dream to visit Thailand

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               Hello everyone, 

Did you hear about that chance my sis, @mashiliyanage got to visit Thailand and get a aerobics training? If you still haven't, you can check the full story here

In short words, 

       My sis and some other girls were chosen for an aerobics training in Thailand for 7 days. It was an instant chance she got for her luck. She's having biiig dreams about that tour now and she seems to be lost in her world of Thailand dreams and this is her first flight. She's so thrilled and always talks with me about that tour she's gonna have. 

     I'm also happy about that chance she got even though I'm not going there this time and yes I know I'm gonna miss her so much for 7 days in the Holiday season (you know how much I missed her for 3 days when she was out in Kandy for a tournament). I of course know those things but if it makes her happy, then it's all it is. 

    And also there are some other things that makes me happy about her tour when we think from the side of a little sis 😏😁😉😜  You know what it is right? Yes yes, it's sweets, clothes and other gifts she's gonna bring **

    And there are a lot of other things and she's gonna get pretty much good in aerobics after she takes that training. So then she can post here when she wins tournaments. 

Everything about the tour is good but except this little thing

  You know, it costs so much for the air tickets especially in the holiday season and they have to pay for the coaches, food, accommodation, clothes, shopping and so many things. And it costs about $830 for the tour except shopping, clothes and such things.

It might not be a big amount of money for you guys but it's a big cost for Sri Lankans. 

Our parents are unable of affording the whole cost these days because of construction works at our home  and neither me and sis have any savings. 

So all we need is a little support from you guys to achieve her dream. So any help from you guys is highly appreciated. 

She's now providing services on Fiverr and you can also help her by ordering her services. Here's the link to her fiverr profile. https://www.fiverr.com/mashiliyanage

Let's get together and help @mashiliyanage fly to Thailand and get that training and all the happiness she's supposed to get! 

Any upvote, comment or resteem is also appreciated and all the money received from this post will be used for the tour. 

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Until we meet again ❤

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Your sister is following her dreams and I'm supporting her so she can go to this event! I know it will be a great experience for her. You're a good sister for helping her with this! 👍

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Yep, she's the kind of a girl who gets what she wants. Thanks a lot for supporting her Kenny. I really appreciate your help. Aww, thanks for that. I hope that I'll be able to help her in some way :D

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Nice post!

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