3Speak's Citizen Journalist Onboarding Program!

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Hello Everyone,

It's been a few months since we launched 3Speak to support and promote freedom of speech. Today we are excited to announce the launch of a special program to on-board Citizen Journalists from all over the world.

3Speak's Citizen Journalist Program

In order to be a 3CJ (a Citizen Journalist on 3Speak) one must be willing to film local political events in an unbiased way. A 3CJ (3speak Citizen Journalist) should do everything they can to capture a story from both sides, and ask questions from each party involved, without putting a bias on the event.


Source: @ozraeliavi

Citizen journalism refers to the reporting of news events by members of the public using the Internet to spread the information. Citizen journalism can be a simple reporting of facts and news that is largely ignored by large media companies. It is easily spread through personal websites, blogs, microblogs, social media and so on. Some types of citizen journalism also act as a check on the reporting of larger news outlets by providing alternative analysis.

Source: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/2386/citizen-journalism

A 3CJ's role carries huge social responsibility which can be a difficult and selfless task, especially if the journalist is reporting events that inflame political tensions.


How To Apply

You can apply to be a 3 Speak Citizen Journalist by submitting your CV, an introductory video telling us about yourself. Submitting evidence of previous experience in journalism or related journalism qualifications will help in your application to become a 3Speak Citizen Journalist. Follow these steps to apply for the 3 CJ Program:

  1. Login on 3Speak with your STEEM Account.
  2. On Left Navigation Panel, press the button that says, "Apply to become a Citizen Journalist".
  3. You must submit your application through the google form.

All applications will be assessed by our team and once approved, you will be provided with a 3CJ tag on 3Speak. Your videos will also appear in on the homepage under "Citizen Journalists" section.

Please Note

  • 3Speak will only support 3CJ’s who behave with the highest integrity and journalistic ethics.
  • 3 speak assumes no liability or responsibility for 3CJ's. 3CJ's do not represent 3Speak and act independently. 3Speak assumes no liability or responsibility for any harm that comes to any 3CJ’s. 3 CJ’s are independent and fully responsible for their own actions and do not take any instruction from 3Speak.
  • You can apply to be a 3 Speak Citizen Journalist by submitting your CV, a video telling us about yourself (see details below). Submitting evidence of previous experience in journalism or related journalism qualifications will help in your application to become a 3Speak Citizen Journalist.
  • Submitting evidence that you have completed journalism courses such as those at WeAreChange will help in you being accepted as a 3Speak Citizen Journalist.
  • You MUST have a steem account to be a content creator on 3speak, you can buy one here: https://steem.ninja/buy-account.html

We have a separate section for CJs who have been verified already by our team under 3CJ program.


If you know any local journalist who can use this opportunity, please share this blog with them. Resteem this post for more visibility. You can also call out your favorite CJ on twitter and tag us in the tweet.



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I don't understand the obsession with using Google. STEEM and 3Speak both do that quite a lot.
Personally I've been abused by Google ruthlessly for over 10 years. I've worked for them, for free, and been censored, shadowbanned, placed behind age restrictions, banned in various parts of the world, called "borderline content", been labeled a domestic terrorist for my participation in the alternative media, been demonetized, and had my viewcounts manually adjusted downward to hide my support.
No, I won't be signing up through Google.
Can you guys come up with another way to do things?

Hello @drutter. You can drop by our discord server if you do not want to register through the google form.


Thanks guys, I may try that.
First I need to decide if I'm suitable to apply. Now that I've moved out of Vancouver for a while, which is where the activism and political action is here in BC, maybe I should stick to making documentaries and vlogs for now.

hello @threespeak i am sadly Tell you that last one week i have no response in my #threespeak video vlog from you and your curators.. I think you are looking all vlog without mine...i am so upset about it...hope seeing my vlog...sorry for saying

This service is free or paid

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You should pay 30 steem for one month as a curator on @threespeak

To be fair, Discord is just as bad. They have been banning lots of controversial content for awhile now and starting to ramp it up even more.

@truthforce writing.

i am so glad to join @threespeak also try to connect only with this mind blowing platform.. Always hope to take support my lovely steemian

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Please take me off your censorship list.

We do not have any censorship list.

I think you have downvoted me before with spaminator. Do you know how I can get off the spaminator hit list? I am also on the mack-bot hitlist.

Hamid would like to post on 3Speak's but I do not know how to post here.

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Simply go to https://3speak.online/ and start posting. Please use your Steem account to upload videos.

I think, we need to first pay before we use 3speak to post, isn't it ?

Take all the differences!

It's wonderful I've been wanting to apply for a long time, however is it okay if I exclusively bring contents based on my country story and events happening here?

3Speak support It should be equal and equal for all citizenship should not be small or big.

@threespeak, Specially this Segment is sounding and holding the sound picture team and in my opinion if word will spread properly then definitely we will going to see many Independent Journalists soon and with that said, it will also boost Non Independent Journalists to purse this path.

My good wishes are with you team and let's hope for the awesome results. Stay blessed team.

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I'm interested in doing this. However, I do not have any previous experience. But, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to politics and I have some decent equipment for the job too.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Great stuff though. I haven't actually done citizen journalism before but I have always wanted to. I think I'll give it a shot to build my portfolio then apply.

Oh, must it be political? The political sphere in Nigeria is really hardcore.

Excellent initiative threespeak team!
I've always wondered why we don't have more of this on Steem , it looks like we are getting closer and closer to getting some of our syndicated news piped through.

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