3Speak On-Boarding Program!!

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On-boarding is one of the biggest problems on STEEM. The problem can be solved by making continuous marketing efforts, with help from of all the available stakeholders. We should try to reach out to influencers who can talk openly about the mind blowing PLATFORM(s) we have, impressive DAPPs we create and the active COMMUNITIES we facilitate.

In this regard, we are hoping to bring a few whales together to incentivize the on-boarding of large content creators and their communities to 3Speak & STEEM.

3Speak On-Boarding Program

Every community member is most welcome to participate in the program and help with the on-boarding of famous content creators to 3Speak and other Steem apps & projects.


Our main goal is to on-board content creators who can take 3Speak & Steem to the mainstream. We want famous people to use our platforms and promote us on their channels.

We ask you the Steem community to go out and actively ask large content creators to come to Steem and 3Speak.

The following condition should meet before you choose a creator to on-board:

  • Creators must have at least 100k followers on their respective social media channels.

On-boarding Rewards/Awards

The following rewards and services will be given to the on-boarded creator:

  • 100k delegated STEEM Power for 3 months.
  • Initial STEEM community setup.
  • Consultation & future set up of SMT for the creator.
  • STEEM On-boarding / training by our team.

Please Note

Creator Should do the following to be applicable for above rewards & services:

  • Encourage their followers to join 3Speak/ STEEM.
  • Use stake wisely. Do not abuse the upvote since it may be removed. [Guidelines will be shared later]
  • Name the STEEM User that referred them in their first video.
  • Bring their community to STEEM over time.

Referral Rewards

Each referrer will get combined upvotes from @theycallmedan, @yoodoo, @threespeak, @starkerz, and several other accounts. Of course based on our own discretion.

We hope that this program will benefit both creators and the referrers. We request you to upvote and resteem this post so that it is able to reach the maximum number of folks possible.

More Whales Required

So far:
@theycallmedan will put 300K Sp to delegate to new creators who are onboarded.
@starkerz will put 200K Sp to delegate to new creators who are onboarded.

This means that we can bring 5 creators each 3 months.

But we are looking for other whales to support this program with 100K Sp delegations to incentivise new, established / successful creators to join Steem and 3Speak.

Are there any whales out there who might be interested in being part of this initiative?





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Awesome work. I hope all categories of content Creators are welcomed?

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Yes @uyobong, everyone is welcome. :))

We should target simple man first if we have large no. of simple users then automatically big social media influencers will join steem platform.
So kindly bring referral program where everyone can participate.

This. I'd gladly post highlight clips from my streams if I could afford the almost 30 Steem. Without an easy way to purchase Steem in my country without lots of hoops, I have to rely on the minuscule trickle I get from post rewards.

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This is a backwards way of thinking. Targeting large influencers with a large audience is the best way to bring more users to the platform. Look what happened to Dlive when they got PewDiePie on their platform. He brought millions of his followers over to Dlive with him as content consumers. Steem lacks consumers as it is, so having the large influencers here that could bring their audiences that could be incentivized to spend their time here and earn from just being here is the right move.

But think this way also why big influencers join this platform is this more money than other ???
Large no. Of audience base can bring more big influencers than we are bringing to try


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i just pitched steem to Tipsy Bartender on youtube, not knowing about this. he was talking about crypto so it looked as a good opportunity. not sure will he even see the comment but feel free to go and support my comment there :D

100.000k looks nice but not sure would i bother someone with 3 mil. subs to mention me in the video for getting him here on steem...

@threespeak, @theycallmedan and @starkerz, In my opinion after some of the Initiatives you've came up in past it brought effective results.

We all know currently Promotion System cannot extended on Mass Scale but Collectively and with the use of right pitch we can bring some effective Individuals or Community to Steem Blockchain.

Your efforts are really appreciable team. Stay blessed.

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This is nice initiative to bring more content creator on the platform. Its good that you're aiming to have creators having huge following outside in other social media and having them here will be certainly great.
I hope there would be no restriction in terms of language. I am asking it because I know few creators on YouTube having quite good number of followers but they make only content in Hindi language.

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I got 630 followers on YouTube

Only 99.4k to go :)

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Ya probably will never get there

That’s not the spirit.

But it taking steem for a month!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Let get Mark Wiens back :DD

Ha, i remember a recent drunken convo talking about this recently😉

i so agree with this concept.. i differ in one way. i dont think the 100,000 subscribers cut off is needed.
I completely agree that 100,000 is a great number of subscribers. it is just my opinion that society is shifting into tribal fame. and that 10,000 subscribers is also huge. 10 people with 10,000 subscribers has a much higher probability of a truly impactful influencer being discovered.
More chosen influencers in my view spreads the story of steem in a much more diverse way. It is also my opinion that a 10-50,000 subscribers person will be much prouder to be asked and thus much more grateful and naturally more determined to earn that honor of being asked.
so again.... i agree with having 100,000 subscriber peeps and more be asked.... but take the amount of money planned to be given to just 1 of those people with 100,000 subscribers.... and break It down to go for 10 long shot peeps with 10,000 subscribers or more. and maybe give them each 20,000 SP.
My other recommendation would be to set up proof of influence parameters. Ie. Give them free invites tickets, and really look at the behaviors of those they bring in.
When some long shot 10,000 subscriber influencer starts showing that he is bringing in real people who are really engaging. Reward him/her with more SP to play with.
And these proof of influence parameters should be done for every level influencer brought in.

One last opinion. Many of those chosen should be fun. Fun, fun, fun... steem needs some fucking fun in a big way.

It is time to stop being spread out too thin

This is a fundamental issue that has so many consequences. If people have expectations, there will be disappointments, if there are ideas, there will be captains.

But where will the disappointed people go when the captains do not know either?

I've been saying this from the start to myself, there should be a place for all, even if it is just for a brief moment.

I'm looking to join @threespeak, soon, possibly as a citizen journalist. As the author of 7 books, I've written a fair amount about the Egyptian Revolution, Arab Spring and more recently, based in the US, about race and immigration issues. I should mention that I have a wide international following; by way of introduction, here is my Amazon page

I invite you to visit my blog, here, to get an idea of my arts/culture posts and hope you might support my work.

All the best,